We ❤ giving gifts: ideas for Christmas

We ❤ giving gifts:

ideas for Christmas

When December comes around, we plunge ourselves into the annual preparations for the best holiday of the year. Along with all that delicious food, a decorated tree and lots of colourfully wrapped gifts are also a must. But sometimes finding the right gift just isn’t all that easy. What makes the search for the perfect Christmas present as easy as pie? When you know all about your loved ones’ hobbies and their favourite food and drinks.


Sweet treats for baking heroes and a sweet tooth

Every family and every group of friends has at least one chocoholic or amateur baker. Coming up with a gift idea shouldn’t be too hard here! Why not grab a whisk and try rustling up your own delicious cake pops so you can present them as a gift in the myBAKERY collapsible partybutler? Add some SUPERLINE mixing bowls in matching colours and a baking book full of new recipes to create the perfect sweet surprise!


Hot aroma for coffee lovers

A cup in the morning, at work, after dinner or in a café – true coffee lovers enjoy the taste of coffee no matter where they are or what the time of day. That’s what makes a personal takeaway coffee mug such as the TRAVEL MUG an absolute must and a fantastic gift for Christmas – go for classic in stainless steel or try a colourful silicone sleeve. People who love inviting friends over for coffee and a chat will be delighted with a BELL vacuum jug.


Refined gifts for
gourmet chefs and connoisseurs

Gifts for the kitchen and the table top are perfect for those who think cooking, eating and drinking are the ultimate pleasure. A gift hamper with some fine sea salt, an ACCENTA spice mill, a bottle of wine and a FLOW Slim bottle cooler to go with it is sure to delight any connoisseur!


DIY idea: a gift from the heart that pleases the soul

Beautifully packaged home-made jams such as EMSA blogger Silvia’s strawberry and redcurrant jam make a lovely present with a personal touch.

All these suggestions should make for bright eyes and happy faces – so all that’s left to say is “happy gift-giving”!