Terms and conditions of guarantee

As part of our high perception of quality, EMSA products are manufactured with the greatest care and attention. EMSA guarantees top quality of EMSA products with a manufacturer’s guarantee under the following terms and conditions.

Duration of guarantee protection
The guarantee period depends on the specific EMSA product. The guarantee is valid for the duration of

  • 30 years for all CLIP & CLOSE plastic, glass and stainless steel food containers, stainless steel Cutlery Set,
  • 5 years for all products with thermal insulation (e.g. coffee pots, tea pots, thermo jugs) and drinking flasks and
  • 2 years for all other products.

This period of guarantee protection is also indicated with each individual product. The guarantee begins at the time of purchase of the new product from an EMSA retailer. The provision of guarantee services does not extend the guarantee period and does not cause the guarantee period to run anew.

Territorial scope of guarantee protection
Guarantee protection is applicable worldwide.

Scope of the guarantee
a) The guarantee only covers defects and damages stemming from manufacturing and material defects.
b) Wear parts are expressly excluded from the guarantee. In the event of improper use of the product, guarantee protection shall lapse. Improper use includes in particular the following behavior:

  • Use of spare parts other than EMSA spare parts in the context of a repair or modification of the product,
  • improper installation of EMSA spare parts during repair or modification of the product,
  • improper operation of the product,
  • lack of care of the product,
  • the use of unsuitable cleaning agents, and
  • damage to the product caused by impact, frost or improper attempts at repair.

Content of the guarantee (guarantee service)
At the option of EMSA the guarantee service is either

  • a free delivery of spare parts, or
  • a free replacement of the product

Costs and expenses such as postage or other will not be covered by the guarantee.

Enforcement of the guarantee / Making a guarantee claim
To make a guarantee claim, please contact our customer service by email under gsinfouk@groupeseb.com along with meaningful pictures of the defective appliance and proof of purchase, or contact our customer service by telephone under +44 (0) 345 602 1454.

Name and address of the guarantor
Grevener Damm 215-225
48282 Emsdetten
E-Mail: contact-de@emsa.com
Tel.: +49 (0)212-387400

Reference to statutory rights (Sec. 479 (1) Sent. 2 No. 1 BGB)
Irrespective of this guarantee, you can claim your statutory rights as consumer; these are not limited by this guarantee. In particular, your statutory warranty rights vis-à-vis the seller in the case of defects of the purchased goods – such as supplementary performance, decrease of the purchase price or damage or expense claims (cf. Sec. 437 BGB) – are not limited by this guarantee and remain unaffected.