Springtime vibes, not the winter blues: plant care made easy!

Springtime vibes, not the winter blues:

plant care made easy!

Wet, cold, grey: it’s not only us humans who have it hard in the darker months of the year. Plants also have to battle with the winter weather – regardless of whether they’re inside on the windowsill or outside on the terrace. But complaining won’t help! Rather than just surrendering to hibernation and waiting for springtime to come around, make sure your house plants and outdoor plants get through the winter in good health with these handy “dos” and “don’ts”! 


From cool air to daylight: what house plants really want in winter

The colder it gets, the higher the thermostat goes. But all that dry air will do nothing for your greenery, so the windowsill isn’t the best place to keep it. House plants prefer a cool environment in winter, but they still need plenty of light so they can grow and protect themselves from pests. It’s therefore important to keep the leaves nice and clean! Spraying your plants with decalcified water will protect them against the damaging effects of dust and dry air. The LOFT sprayer from Emsa provides an extra-fine mist and will add a dash of colour to your home together with the matching watering can.

Speaking of a dash of colour: the way your plants are dressed up can also brighten up the mood on those dreary days. The high-gloss CASA Brilliant planters in shades such as ruby red will add touch of colour to replace those dreary hues with atmospheric highlights!


It’s so easy: watering with a system!

Contrary to what you might think, all that dry air doesn’t mean your plants need more water. This is something you should be careful with in winter, as overwatering can lead to mould and rotten leaves. Then there’s also the fact that different plants need different amounts of water. This is where planters with an integrated watering system, such as the CASA Matt tall planters, come in handy. They provide a steady supply of water depending on individual requirements. 


What about those plants in the fresh air? The planter is key!

If you want to maintain a green outdoor area as well as your beloved house plants this winter, you can’t just rely on those winter bloomers. It’s also particularly important to choose the right planter. But why? Because not all planters are weatherproof! Freezing water that doesn’t drain from the planter and extends to the wall of the pot can quickly cause planters to shatter. Made from a high-quality fibreglass and mineral composite or unique terracotta, the planters by Esteras are completely winterproof when handled correctly. So, there’ll be no need for you to move your lovingly planted pots!

Whether in the garden or the living room: it’s going to be a green winter, even when the temperatures hit rock bottom!