Olympics in Rio – Brazil in the kitchen

Olympics in Rio – Brazil in the kitchen

With the football fever only just out of the way, the next major sporting event is fast approaching in the form of the Olympic Games in Rio. Brazil may be the land of samba, coffee and football, yet it isn’t quite as well known for its cuisine. But Brazilian recipes are actually extremely diverse. So as the athletes are busy sweating it out in Rio, what time could be better than now to embark on a mini journey of discovery into the world of Brazilian cuisine?


Typical Brazilian fare: pão de queijo – the cheese rolls loved by all

Anyone who’s been to Brazil knows that nobody can resist pão de queijo! These delicious little cheese rolls are a great snack for any occasion and they’re also quick to make at home: simply bring half a glass of milk to the boil with a quarter of a glass of oil and a little salt. Stir the hot mixture in a MIX & BAKE mixing bowl with a pound of tapioca or wheat flour. Then grate 500 grams of parmesan using a SMART KITCHEN multiple grater and add the cheese to the dough along with two eggs – knead well and separate the lot into little balls. Bake them in the oven for around 30 minutes at about 200°C. Done!


From coffee to caipirinha: the drinks of Brazil

Brazil is one of the biggest coffee-growing regions in the world. Around every corner there’s a small “cafezinho” coffee waiting. If you want to enjoy your hot coffee on the go for longer, the TRAVEL MUG vacuum mug is just what you need – it’ll keep your coffee hot for up to four hours and is also an environmentally-friendly alternative to paper cups.

On the other hand, probably the most famous Brazilian drink is always served cold: caipirinha! The basis for the cocktail is a mixture of cachaca, lime and sugar, and it’s traditionally enjoyed on the beach. Serve with a glass of chilled mineral water from a FLOW Bottle cooling carafe for unrivalled pleasure!


Sweet temptations: pudim de leite

The Spanish call their version crema catalana, the French crème brûlée, but Brazil’s take on this dessert is known as pudim de leite: a creamy sweet dessert that’s easy to rustle up in a jiffy. Melt a cup of sugar until it turns golden yellow, then pour it into a heat-resistant CLIP & CLOSE Glass container. Pour a cup of sweetened condensed milk into a MIX & BAKE mixing jug, stir in three eggs and a cup of milk, then add the mixture to the caramel. Place the container inside a larger tray filled with water and place the pudding in the oven for half an hour at around 180°C.

Our tip: serve the pudding lukewarm in small VIENNA bowls with a freshly brewed coffee from a cafetière.

Diverse cuisine for a diverse country. Wishing you “bom apetite”!