New year, fresh happiness!

New year, fresh happiness!

Lead a more conscious lifestyle, be less stressed, eat more healthy food and less unhealthy food. Once again, lots of people will be starting 2017 with the intention of changing the little things that have a big impact on everyday life – but unfortunately, they sometimes lack that all-important motivation. With a few surprisingly simple tips, the path to more conscious living is no longer so far from reach. 


No more excess: store it properly, enjoy it for longer!

Most people will be familiar with this problem: too much shopping and too much cooking equals leftovers. But now instead of throwing these leftovers in the bin, you can keep them in practical airtight packaging such as the CLIP & CLOSE food storage containers. These containers keep cooked meals and raw food like fruit and vegetables nice and fresh – plus they’re also a simple way to prevent food wastage. And what about those leftover meals? Simply heat them up in the practical CLIP & MICRO containers and they’ll be ready to serve in no time. The containers are also great for keeping your fridge in good order!

Speaking of order: sometimes at the end of the day there just isn’t enough time left for tidying. That’s why lots of kitchen cupboards end up lined with torn-open packaging and forgotten carrier bags. But don’t worry, as practical storage systems such as the OPTIMA dry food storage containers are here to help! They’re also the perfect way to protect pasta, muesli & co. So long, pointless waste! 


Apple, not pineapple:
eat seasonal and local

Freshness is closer than you might think – in fact, it’s right where you are! Eating seasonal food that’s been grown locally means steering clear of fruit and vegetables that have been imported on expensive and environmentally damaging routes. The reward is a far more intense flavour and a higher vitamin content. Take a look at the EMSA blog for a selection of tasty seasonal recipe ideas. It goes without saying that tomatoes, courgettes and the like taste even better when they’re home-grown. Set up your own vegetable patch in no time at all with the MY CITY GARDEN planters and matching accessories


Guilt-free drinking

Obviously, we’re only talking about coffee, tea and water here. No matter how you look at it, disposable cups and PET bottles are an abomination for Mother Nature. Do your bit for the environment and try a thermo mug such as the EMSA TRAVEL MUG for your takeaway coffee – the sustainable alternative.
And here’s another tip: turn on that tap more often! Drinking tap water helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste, plus it also costs less than water from the supermarket. Tap water looks great on the dining table served in elegant glass carafes.

All set? We wish you lots of freshness and happiness for the new year!