Reusable, not disposable
Reusable, not disposable

Reusable, not disposable

The sustainable choice for great coffee on the go

Germany’s favourite drink is and remains coffee. Indeed, the country’s average per capita consumption is almost half a litre a day.** In addition to the traditional cup at home, coffee is also an extremely popular travel companion for people on the go. The right vacuum jug can make the pleasure of takeaway coffee last a long time, keeping this popular pick-me-up hot and full of flavour for hours on end. And this stylish accessory also helps protect the environment to boot!


Coffee to go – but please, not in a paper cup!

On the way to work, while shopping or taking a walk in the park – the tradition of enjoying a quick takeaway coffee from a paper cup remains as popular as ever. But it’s more than just the drink in the cup that leaves a bitter aftertaste: disposable cups also seriously damage the environment. High-quality plastic or stainless steel thermo mugs make for a more environmentally friendly alternative.


Sustainable pleasure without the environmental impact

Preparing a coffee at home and taking it with you in a vacuum mug isn’t just more environmentally friendly and cheaper than enjoying your daily hit from a disposable cup; the stainless steel TRAVEL MUG from EMSA also keeps drinks hot for even longer. What’s more, this 100% leak-proof vacuum mug can be easily stored in a bag or a backpack, plus it’s a triple test winner.*** 


From small to large, from simple to colourful

f time is in short supply in the morning, you can brew your favourite coffee in the compact TRAVEL CUP straight from your own coffee pod machine or the automatic coffee maker. And it’s sure to turn heads in pink or lime green! The plastic TRAVEL MUG Fun is the fun, colourful choice, while the TRAVEL MUG Grande offers XXL pleasure with its capacity of up to half a litre. The classically elegant MOBILITY vacuum flask has all you need to get the maximum enjoyment from your coffee – it was the stand-out product and winner of the ÖKO-TEST.****

With vibrant colours and numerous different versions, there’s a model for every takeaway coffee lover – and they’re all environmentally friendly, that’s a guarantee! 

* ÖKO-TEST: “Thermo mugs on the test bench”, No. 01/2016, 28 December 2015, overall rating “GOOD”: Emsa Travel Mug in purple, 0.36 l (12.18 fl. oz.)(4 of the 12 mugs tested were rated “GOOD”)

** Source: Die Welt: Problem-Becher

*** “WDR Servicezeit” and “SWR Marktcheck”: 7 vacuum mugs on the test bench, broadcast on 10 January 2013; | ZDF “Volle Kanne”: 6 vacuum mugs on the test bench, 7 February 2014 | NDR 1 Radio MV: 5 vacuum mugs on the test bench, 29 January 2015

**** ÖKO-TEST: “Vacuum flasks on the test bench”, No. 9/2015, 28 August 2015, Test Winner: Emsa Mobility vacuum flask in black/anthracite, 0.7 l (23.68 fl. oz.)