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 Healthy eating: food that tastes great and does you good!
Healthy eating

Healthy eating

food that tastes great and does you good!

Healthy nutrition – it sounds good, yet we often fail to eat well in our everyday lives. This is usually due to a lack of time, but it’s also because we’re often unsure what exactly makes for healthy nutrition. But a healthy diet can be really simple, practical and, above all, delicious. Simply take heed of a few tips and you will quickly find your way to new eating habits that will do you good without the need to compromise on flavour.


Healthy eating: why it’s so important!

Paying more attention to eating healthily means following a balanced diet consisting of plenty of fresh food: lots of fruit and vegetables, more fibre, but less sugar and unhealthy fats. This strengthens the immune system and gives the body more energy, plus it also adds a touch of variety and variation to your usual diet.


Delicious food’s the only option

Just because a meal is healthy, that doesn’t mean it has to lack flavour. Not only do refined salads and wholesome main courses taste great, but they also supply us with all the vitamins and minerals we need. And even when time is of the essence, completely tasty food can be prepared with ease – all you need is the right kitchen aids!

Mix up a healthy smoothie in next to no time with the TURBOLINE herb and vegetable cutter, and clean your salads just as quickly in the TURBOLINE salad spinner. The SUPERLINE citrus press is perfect for pressing orange and lemon juice, while the SMART KITCHEN multi-grater allows you to finely grate fruit and vegetables.


So funktioniert’s – Tipps für den Alltag:

  • Fruit, vegetables, dairy products and muesli are good choices if you want to take food with you to work. Low-fat sandwiches are also easy to prepare and pop in your bag e.g. in a VARIABOLO lunchbox.
  • Do it yourself: by cooking for yourself, you’ll know exactly what’s in the food, plus you can choose the ingredients you like and combine them to suit your tastes. Your meals will stay warm for hours in the MOBILITY food flask when you’re out and about or in the office.
  • Seasonal fruit and vegetables contain more vitamins. Peppers, cucumbers, bananas and citrus fruits are best kept in the fridge in CLIP & CLOSE food storage containers – where they’re proven to stay fresh for longer.*
  • Fruit and vegetables are richest in vitamins and minerals before cooking, so try to eat them raw more often if you can, e.g. in tasty salads.
  • Drinking lots of liquids is healthy, particularly if you go for mineral water, teas and diluted juice. Not only will a carafe such as the FLOW Classic cooling carafe look great on the table, but it will also keep drinks deliciously cool and remind you to drink.

Doesn’t sound so hard, does it? We hope you have lots of fun trying it for yourself. Bon appétit!

* Benchmarking food storage containers, a study conducted by Prof. Dr. Fritz Titgemeyer, Professor of Food Microbiology at the Münster University of Applied Sciences, Department of Oecotrophology, September 2013 – February 2014.