All set for the new school year
All set for the new school year

All set for the new school year

The summer holidays are never long enough, but at some point those six weeks have to come to an end and the first day back at school is fast approaching. No school bag should be without a healthy breakfast that tastes great and gives kids the concentration they need for the day ahead. From flasks to sandwich boxes, EMSA has all the right equipment for kids and teens – practical, ingenious products in all their favourite colours.


Dig in: healthy, colourfully packed snacks for break time

Healthy school breakfasts are key for improving kids’ ability to concentrate at school. Snacks should consist of wholegrain bread, a dairy product such as yoghurt or quark, and fresh fruit or vegetables. Large sandwich boxes with a removable partition are perfect for this. Bread and side dishes stay separate during transport in the colourful VARIABOLO sandwich boxes, no problem at all. Vibrant designs such as Pirate, Monster and Princess also make lunchtime more fun.


What’ll it be today? Inventive ideas for school meals

If you want to make sure the lunch you’ve prepared doesn’t come back home untouched, it’s important to make it as varied and colourful as possible. Sandwiches cut into the shape of stars or moons with simple baking moulds make for playful snacks. And vegetables or fruit on mini skewers are sure to be gobbled up in no time. For school days that run on late into the afternoon, try to pack a warm, home-made meal if possible. The MOBILITY food flask keep soups, stews & co. hot for twelve hours.

Tip: surprise your kids with mini extras such as trail mix, dried fruits or a little message in their sandwich boxes to put them in a good mood and keep things interesting! You’ll find more fantastic ideas for creative lunches here.


For thirsty kids and youngsters

Children and young people often drink too little at school. For most little ones, a colourful flask of their own is enough motivation to drink more. EMSA’s KIDS and TEENS flasks are real eye-catchers with their colourful designs. They’re also resistant to fruit acid, CPA-free and 100% leak-proof, so you won’t have to worry about your children carrying them in their school bags.

And another thing: the KIDS flasks and VARIABOLO sandwich boxes are also available as a set and make the perfect gift for children just starting school.

With the right equipment and some healthy snacks, children have everything they need for a long day of school!