Vacuum flasks

Perfectly equipped on the go with the vacuum flask

Enjoying good food and drink out and about is completely on trend at the moment. After all, we’re constantly on the go: be it on our way to work, on a break, when we’re travelling or perhaps on an outdoor trip. Whether you decide to fill yours with hot tea or coffee, or perhaps a cool, thirst-quenching fruit juice, vacuum flasks are always a practical companion for excursions, work & co. – whatever the time of year.

Delicious the whole day long thanks to vacuum flasks

Everyone knows what they are and almost everyone owns at least one: we’re talking about vacuum flasks. Without them, our kitchens, handbags and rucksacks just wouldn’t be the same. Whether you go for the classic stainless steel style or the colourful, high-quality plastic version, your vacuum flask will always be there for you when you need it on excursions or for those long days at the office.

From aromatic coffee to soothing teas and even cool fruit juice drinks, you can choose what to fill your vacuum flask with to suit your own individual needs and taste. 

Choosing the right vacuum flask: what is it that counts?

Purchasing a vacuum flask
When buying a vacuum flask, it is definitely a good idea not to just necessarily go for the cheapest model available. After all, we all want to enjoy our hot or cold beverages without having to worry about whether or not the flask is really going to stay leak-proof. Cheap products often turn out to be defective in terms of their ability to provide insulation, and some of them are even contaminated with harmful substances such as heavy metals. So buying a vacuum flask is one of those occasions where it is a good idea to resist those penny-pinching tendencies. If you invest just that little bit more, not only will your hot or cold drink last longer but your vacuum flask will also be of use you for much longer.

Vacuum flasks with twist-off closure or pressure closure?
The vacuum flasks are available with either a classic twist-off closure, a press button, or with various quick-release closures. Many pressure and quick-release closures close automatically when the cup is screwed on, and this is also the case with the SAFE LOC closure from EMSA:

the system is guaranteed to make the flask 100% leak-proof and incredibly easy to handle. When the cap is closed, not a single drip will leave the vacuum flask, and all you need to do to open or close it is simply push the lever up or down.

Stainless steel vacuum flask – both colourful and classy
Just because a vacuum flask is made of stainless steel, that doesn’t mean it has to look dull or boring: this classic is now available in a wide range of designs. With all sorts of different shapes and colours available, elegant leather sleeves and coloured ring inserts, your stainless steel vacuum flask is sure to look anything but boring!

What a vacuum flask should be able to do:

  • keep drinks hot or cold for a long time,
  • close fully without any leaks,
  • be easy to hold.

Vacuum flasks on the test bench

All flasks are based on a similar principle in terms of how they work, but there are still clear differences in their quality. According to the German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest, six seconds after boiling hot water has been poured into pre-heated flasks, the temperature will drop to 88 degrees in the best flasks or just under 74 degrees in the least insulating flasks. The temperature required by the standard is 78 degrees. The remarkable quality of the EMSA vacuum flasks has been confirmed by numerous tests, including the 2008 test by the German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest.

The SENATOR vacuum flask performed impressively in the categories for material, handling and hazardous substances and exhibited the best price-performance ratio. On top of this, it also stood out from the crowd thanks to its insulation capacity, which is considerably higher than the norm as it guarantees to keep drinks and other liquids cold for at least 24 hours or warm for twelve hours. At the same time, the SENATOR vacuum flask is also always comfortable to hold because the outside only ever heats up very slightly. What’s more, the vacuum flask is also extremely robust, so you will always be on the safe side when taking your favourite drink out and about with you.