Lunch to go – The lunchbox is back!

More and more, people are opting for home-made meals, not just at home but also on the go.  The  lunchbox is therefore celebrating a genuine comeback: Whether for lunch at the office, a break on campus or at school – the practical and trendy sandwich boxes and lunchboxes keep everything nice and fresh and securely sealed. 

Thank you, lunchbox! – Clever meals for on the go

Packed lunches, made by you. Preparing your own meals for the day has plenty of benefits: It's guaranteed to taste good, it's varied, cost effective and with the right ingredients, it's even healthy. Easy to transport, the lunchbox will safely take your meals from A to B, to work, to campus or to school. For people on the go, the lunchbox opens up entirely new perspectives for healthy and balanced nutrition.

Our kitchen experts reveal …

  • … their healthy and easy  lunchbox recipes  – which also include several inspiring  lunchbox recipes for children
  • … how lunchboxes can be securely transported
  • … which requirements a good lunchbox has to meet

Lunchbox recipes for all occasions

Whether cold or warm, sandwich or schnitzel, there are great lunchbox recipes for all tastes and lifestyles. Balanced it what nutritional recipes should be, easy to transport and preferably easy to prepare. For those on the go all day long, meals should really be  filling and provide enough energy for the second half of the day. Filled flatbread, hearty muffins, couscous salad or quiche – there is an abundance of versatile possibilities.

  • Salads are great meals to take along to the office! Some salads taste best when left to soak in dressing for a while.
  • The sandwich can be reinvented every day, and you can add whatever you want to it! 
  • Bread Couture: How about about a simple sandwich  with avocado and tomato on curry-banana bread?

Creative sandwich ideas:
Lunchbox recipes for children

Lunchbox recipes for children should be a bit colourful and, if possible, have a little surprise – that makes meals even more fun.

  • Use simple star- or moon-shaped cookie cutter shapes to turn a simple cheese sandwich into a fun-filled snack.
  • Vegetables on mini skewers are the perfect delicacy.
  • Grapes, raspberries and other fruit in silicone backing tins make tasty gift packages.

Optimally, sandwich boxes should be filled with wholegrain bread and some fruit, vegetables or yoghurt so that they contain all the important nutrients children need in order to concentrate better in school. And a nice juice spritzer from a hygienic and sealed flask and your little ones are set for their day at school. 

Tip: Further inspirations for creative sandwiches are available here.


Vegetarian to go

Vegetarians and vegans often have difficulties finding something appropriate to eat when on the go. Canteens and restaurants usually only have a very limited offering. The solution therefore is: Do it yourself – let's see your lunchboxes! 

In the Freshness Magazine we will show you how you can prepare wonderful vegetarian lunchbox recipes . How about e.g. spaghetti with pumpkin and walnut pesto? Perfect for a cold in-between snack: Italian bread with goat cheese and grilled vegetables in the VARIABOLO lunchbox.

Tip: Lunchboxes with compartments and inserts like the BENTO BOX, in which the individual elements of a meal can be stored and transported separately are particularly practical. Before eating, you can mix the ingredients in the box and then heat them up in the microwave. Alternatively, you can also use the 100 % leak-proof and microwave suitable food storage containers with inserts.

Things to watch out for when buying a lunchbox

What a lunchbox has to be able to do and other things you need to know when buying a lunchbox. Here are some of the most important criteria!

Buying lunchboxes: What do I have to look out for?
What good are well prepared, versatile recipes if you don't have a suitable lunchbox? Lunchboxes are available in several shapes, materials and colours. Choosing the right one is not an easy thing to do.

What to watch out for when purchasing a lunchbox:

  • Does it close firmly, is it leakproof and does it stay shut during transport?
  • Is the material robust, break- and scratch proof?
  • Is the lunchbox microwave suitable?
  • Can it be separated into several compartments (lunchbox with compartments)?

Did you know?

Home-made meals are not only cost-friendly, they are also environmentally friendly: Using a lunchbox  prevents the creation of waste as a result of disposable packing.

Healthy, balanced food to go? No problem at all with the lunchbox. All you need is a proper  lunchbox, some time and your favourite recipes!