Flasks for kids of all ages

Drip-proof flasks are the perfect companions for kids on the go – whether they’re at kindergarten, at school or playing sport.

Flasks for thirsty kids of all ages

Flasks are ideal for use on the go or for packed lunches at kindergarten or school. And thanks to their colourful, fun motifs, they also make drinking much more fun for kids! What’s more, as the EMSA flasks are 100% leak-proof, they can be carried in rucksacks with confidence.

Even drink-shy children will be convinced to drink more with their own colourful flask. Ideas for how to fill the flask: anything that isn’t overly sweet will make a great thirst quencher, so ideally water (tap water or mineral water). But as an alternative to still water, the flasks can also be filled with soft drinks made using fruit juice with no added sugar, or perhaps a sugar-free home-made ice tea. Drinks like these are healthier than lemonade. The flasks are resistant to fruit acid, so you don’t need to worry about your kids drinking fruit juice from them.


Aluminium flasks are the perfect choice for small children. They are lighter and sturdier than glass flasks, because occasionally flasks must be able to withstand their fair share of rough treatment. So for example, if the flask is dropped on the floor, you won’t have to worry about it breaking.

Children's flasks on the test bench: the quality of a flask often varies hugely from one product to another. But this doesn’t mean that high-quality flasks for children necessarily have to be expensive. EMSA manufactures high-quality products which are nevertheless reasonably priced for families.

Non-toxic flasks for kids

With their fantastic designs for toddlers, KIDS or TEENS, these colourful flasks are sure to be the centre of attention. Remarkably practical: all EMSA flasks feature a dishwasher-safe closure which is easy to separate into two parts for thorough cleaning – a solution that’s simply clever and completely hygienic.

EMSA’s flasks for children at a glance: 

  • Drip-proof and 100% leak-proof
  • 100% hygienic thanks to external thread
  • 100% safe: cap cannot be locked when open
  • Closure can be taken apart for perfect cleaning
  • BPA-free – guaranteed


One of the most important and frequently discussed aspects of flasks is the issue of hazardous substances. Plastic flasks can contain a substance called bisphenol A (BPA) – a component of softeners – but high-quality flasks such as the EMSA KIDS flasks are BPA-free. When purchasing drinking flasks, it is therefore important to check the products have been tested for hazardous substances and are guaranteed to be BPA-free. This is what makes aluminium flasks a better, healthier alternative. 

Flasks for sport and exercise

It is essential to drink both during and after sport, so the EMSA flasks are also a particularly good choice for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Filling a flask at home and popping it in your bag will save you spending money on expensive drinks when you’re out on the go or working out in the fitness studio. The lid is guaranteed to be leak-proof, so you can quickly stow the flask away in your sports bag without needing to worry that it might drip. 

Optimum hygiene is guaranteed at all times thanks to the closure: it can be taken apart and cleaned in the dishwasher, plus it also has an external thread. EMSA flasks make the perfect partners for all sorts of exercise, such as walking, cycling or going to the gym, as well as for school sports or sports clubs. 

As an alternative to water, you can also fill your flask with isotonic sports drinks to keep you hydrated during sports and exercise.