Trays & boards

Trays: All-rounders for the home

Stylish service or decoration to suit the event: Trays are not only practical helpers, they are also special eyecatchers. Extremely versatile - the table is set in a jiffy, a mobile replacement table can be conjured up or an attractive table decoration created.

One tray, countless possible uses

Trays are real all-round talents and are a must-have for every home. They are extremely versatile and can be used on countless occasions and offer many possibilities. The range is also correspondingly large: Whether rectangular or round, with or without border, of wood or plastic, plain or colourful, trays are available in all forms and materials imaginable and with a huge range of motives. Considered for a long time to be simply a serving aid, it has now become a stylish home accessory. And hence, there are now chic design trays in countless variations available. But what should one pay attention to when choosing a tray? The professionals from EMSA provide practical advice.

  • Great designs and unusual motives, such as the versatile CLASSIC trays from Emsa, turn a simple tray into a real eyecatcher.
  • A serving tray helps in the transport of small items, from tableware and cutlery, to drinks and even a complete breakfast. A serving tray is particularly practical when it is a long way from the kitchen to the dining table and the guests are to be served stylishly.

But that's not all by a long way! Trays can be used in a multitude of ways: For example as

  • Mobile, replacement table: whether for breakfast in bed, lunch on the terrace or a cozy dinner on the sofa.
  • Flying buffet: Small tidbits and drinks can be passed around on trays at parties.
  • Cutting board – but watch out, the material must be scratch-proof! Cutting boards are also really useful.
  • Table decorations, e.g. seasonal or thematic, suitably arranged with various decorative elements.
  • Gifts: Trays and cutting boards make ideal gifts when combined with other kitchen utensils or eatables! Attractively presented and packaged, they make a really eyecatching gift.

Clever: With a folded blanket or a flat cushion on the lap, a tray, e.g. the DECORATION tray, can also be used as a laptop support!

Trays: What should one pay attention to when choosing?

Whoever wants to use a tray primarily as a serving aid should pay attention when choosing to the material used as well as its functionality, shape and size.

It is equally important for bothtrays and cutting boards  that the material is robust and stable. Good quality plastic is a reliable material offering the optimal characteristics required for a high quality, sturdy tray.

Why is plastic a particularly suitable material for trays?

  • scratch-proof and hard-wearing
  • easy to clean and hence very hygienic
  • unaffected by moisture
  • available in countless sizes, shapes and with various patterns and decorations
  • inexpensive

A tray should have a sufficiently high border so that items do not slide off when it is used for carrying and serving.

Decorating with a tray: What are the possibilities?

A tray is, of course, a work tool, but it also has a lot more potential! Candles, vases or plants can be beautifully arranged with the use of a tray.

Decorating trays: DIY inspiration for your home

  • Wellness platform: Soaps, perfume bottles, jewelery boxes & co are all far too attractive to be hidden away in a bathroom cupboard. Attractively arranged on a tray, these pretty items take centre stage in the bathroom.
  • Herb garden: In the kitchen, space can be easily found for herbs in small pots on a tray so that they are immediately to hand when cooking.
  • 4 seasons: Trays can be used at any time of the year with the attractive use of seasonal decorative items. For example, chestnuts, leaves and nuts in autumn on a suitable DECORATION tray, colourful flowers and sand in summer with the CLASSIC trays Seaside or Summerflowers.

2 in 1: Original gifts with a practical purpose

Trays and cutting boards are not only valuable assets in one's own home, they also make ideal gifts for any occasion! How about making your loved ones smile at the start of the day? Whether late riser, early bird or sleepy dozer – with charming and fun decorations, CLASSIC cutting boards add an extra portion of happiness to the table. Equipped with practical kitchen aids, e.g. elegant spice mills or an attractively formed cooling carafe, trays make the ideal personal gift for friends and family.

Whether for a leisurely dinner, a party with friends or for creative decoration: Trays and cutting boards have many talents which are just waiting to be put into action.