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Omelette, butter dish et al. – what makes the perfect brunch?

A big brunch at the weekend is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones and enjoy an indulgent feast. But instead of always eating out at your favourite café, you can also serve up a real brunch feast from the comfort of your own home. A few handy hints, some ingenious helping hands and matching accessories make home brunch a real culinary experience for hosts and guests alike.

Das schmeckt! Der perfekte Brunch kann so einfach sein

Food is the main event at brunch. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen to make these delicious treats. Why not try these simple yet tasty recipe ideas?

  • Sweet dishes: crunchy muesli, waffles
  • Savoury dishes: buffalo mozzarella with vineyard peach and a raspberry vinaigrette, omelette with tomatoes, cream cheese and basil

Tip: ask each of your guests to bring something small to the buffet – that way you’ll have a greater variety of dishes to choose from and less work to do.

As well as tasty food, the perfect brunch also calls for a well-equipped table. But fortunately stress can easily be avoided both before and during the feast with these ingenious solutions:

  • One look, multiple functions: the ACCENTA tableware series doesn’t just impress with its slick stainless steel look – it also has everything you need for a perfectly prepared brunch buffet. Liven up your dishes with spice mills and salt and pepper shakers. Or add a touch of sweetness with the sugar and creamer set. Use a butter dish for spreadable soft butter, then try a gourmet sprayer to add an incredibly fine spritz of oil or vinegar. A table bin will also come in handy and makes unwanted remnants such as egg shells, tea bags or cheese rind disappear from view in an instant. So there’s no more need to keep getting up to clear the rubbish away.
  • A good tray also provides the perfect helping hand when it comes to setting the table, serving and clearing up. The CLASSIC trays have a special high border, plus they are non-slip and scratch-proof to boot, so accidents won’t happen when you’re serving your guests. The trays are also truly eye-catching with their fantastic designs and extraordinary motives.

Vacuum jug, carafe and butter dish – great for storing and perfect for serving!

Delight your guests with attractive highlights on the dining table – but looks aren’t the only thing that counts, as functionality is also key: Bread bins, butter dishes, vacuum jugs, cooling carafes & co. provide more freshness and a longer shelf life:

  • Fresh bread is everything when it comes the perfect brunch. To make sure bread and rolls don’t dry out so quickly, keep them in a bread bin. The SUPERLINE or SCANDIC bread bins are a great way to keep baked goods fresh for an extra-long time, plus they serve as attractive packaging.
  • Soft, spreadable butter absolutely must be served with good bread. An EMSA butter dish is the perfect way to store your butter, and it doesn't matter whether you go for the VIENNA, ACCENTA or SUPERLINE butter dish: a butter dish with lid will make sure your favourite butter stays fresh and appetising for as long as possible.
  • Vacuum jugs keep hot drinks at the optimum temperature to provide intense taste experiences. Coffee served from the BELL vacuum jug, for example, tastes incredibly flavoursome. Thanks to its unique diamond shape, the Aroma Diamond liner traps the sumptuous aroma inside the jug for a remarkably long time.
  • Drinks such as orange juice or fruit cordial are a special treat when served in the premium cooling carafes from the FLOW series. Thanks to the integrated cooling element in the stainless steel base, they also keep water, juice, ice tea & co. reliably cold without watering them down. Enjoy your refreshments at the perfect temperature and in elegant style.
  • Perhaps you’re even serving sparkling wine with your brunch? Your favourite sparkling wine will stay cold for longer with the FLOW Slim bottle cooler thanks to its extra cooling performance.

Conclusion: the EMSA tableware series combine tasteful design with ingenious functionality – and they make good meals and drinks taste even better to boot!

A feast for the eyes: decorative suggestions for your buffet

A table that looks inviting will make sure your guests feel at ease and forget about time while they enjoy the great food. These simple tips will transform your dining table into a lovingly arranged brunch buffet:

  • Colour play: colour schemes and colour worlds are a wonderful way to decorate tables and buffets! The VIENNA tableware series includes salad bowls, cutlery and butter dishes in white, green and red.
  • Green stands for hope: why not try a green and white springtime colour scheme for your table? Green items of tableware accompanied by fresh herbs or apples and serviettes folded in style really set the scene on a white table runner.
  • A touch of elegance: exquisite stainless steel! Table settings that feature stainless steel elements have a subtle yet refined impact. Fans of the elegant stainless steel look will find what they’re looking for in the ACCENTA tableware series: for example, the ACCENTA spice mill, the salt and pepper shakers, the salad bowl with ice pack and the stainless steel butter dish.
  • 2 in 1: herb pots with fresh basil, garlic and parsley are a great alternative to flowers when it comes to adding a touch of natural urban flair to the table top, plus they can also be eaten with bread, rolls and dishes such as tomato and mozzarella or omelettes.

Now all you need is some guests and your perfect brunch will be good to go!