TURBOLINE Collapsible salad spinner

Collapsible salad spinner

  • Size: 158.37 fl. oz. (4.5 L)
  • With turbo button: 50% higher rotational speed
  • Ideal for firm lettuces such as iceberg, radicchio & co.
  • Collapsible: 50 % space saving in the cabinet
  • With integrated spout in lid
Thermoplastic elastomerStyrene methyl methacrylateAcrylonitrile-butadiene-styreneStyrene-acrylonitrile“Dishwasher safe (except for lid with pullstring)”2-year guarantee

TURBOLINE salad spinner 

Prepare your salad turbofast in the new TURBOLINE salad spinner. The 50 percent higher rotational speed makes this possible.

The salad spinner is available in three different models - made of stylish stainless steel, as a collapsible variant or with a crystal clear outer bowl.

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Maria Z.:  „I like the crystal-clear bowl for serving – it simply looks great on a wonderfully decorated table. “Carmen M.: „If you are looking for a space saver for small kitchens, you will absolutely love the collapsible salad spinner.“Jennifer S.: „Very clever - you can pour water with the lid closed.“