Microwave dishes

Quick and fresh dishes with the microwave

We often do not have much time for cooking in our stressful day-to-day lives. But we still don't have to do without fresh meals – simply make them in the microwave.

Microwave cookware: Meals prepared quick and safe

We often do not have enough time to prepare a full-fledged meal during our busy week.

And if time is a critical issue, TV dinners, fast food & co. are not the only option. Special cookware turns the microwave into a true all-rounder! Microwaves are not just for defrosting or heating up food – you can even use them for cooking: From scrambled eggs to potatoes and meat, whether morning, noon or evening: many delicious dishes can be be prepared with the microwave - and they are much healthier than fast food & co. 

This is not just practical for a tasty meal at home but for all those who prefer a self-cooked meal at work as well. Put the cooked meal into the microwave cookware and heat up your lunch at work in a jiffy. Your colleagues will surely envy you. Caution! 

The following is not suitable for use in the microwave:

  • Dished with a golden border
  • Cutlery
  • Metal containers
  • Aluminium foil

The reason is that these items can quickly cause flying sparks, which could result in overvoltage. It is especially risky if the metal is too close to the sides. Although not every metal container is entirely unsuitable for the microwave, we think it's better to be safe than sorry and recommend that any metal be kept out of the microwave and instead, to use special cookware for the microwave, such as the colourful EMSA microwave cookware.


Did you know?

When preparing food in the microwave the consumption of electricity is much lower than when cooking with the stove or the oven.

The appropriate cookware for the microwave

Special cookware is available for preparing meals in the microwave which is made of special material that optimally distributes the heat and ensures safe cooking. The microwave cookware by EMSA is reliable and robust: As it is made of shape-retaining plastic, is also stays in shape when subjected to high temperatures. The colourful microwave dish, for instance for defrosting, heating, blanching and cooking is perfectly suitable.

Microwave cookware makes food taste better

Homemade meals often taste better if they are made in special microwave cookware. The reason for this is that microwave cookware, such as the EMSA microwave cookware is tasteless and odourless. It may very well be the best recipe in the world – with the wrong cookware, the taste could change decisively.

Microwave cookware with lid

Plus microwave cookware offers a further benefit when cooking, blanching, heating or defrosting: It is usually equipped with a lid that also serves as a splash guard. Plus with the lid, it is also possible to cook the meal slower and more gentle. A cover can also be used for cookware without a lid to prevent soiling. 

When meals are not covered properly, a greasy film will quickly accumulate on the walls of the microwave. This is also the case with steam from heating up meals. Once food particles have become encrusted, a simple washing off is usually no longer enough.

Tip: Cleaning the microwave – quick and easy

If you want to spare yourself the bother of scrubbing out your microwave, simply place a microwave-suitable bowl with water and lemon or vinegar into the microwave and heat at full power – then simply wash out and the microwave is clean again.

EMSA microwave cookware is dishwasher safe

Good cookware for the microwave also offers some pleasant benefits after preparing your meal in the microwave. The EMSA microwave cookware, as well as the MICRO FAMILY microwave cookware can be cleaned in the dishwasher  – quick and uncomplicated. 

Conclusion: The preparation of food in the microwave is easy, quick and saves energy. The special talents of the microwave can be put to particular good use with special microwave cookware.