Kitchen Aids

Clever kitchen aids for fun when cooking

Home cooking is right on trend! And, the kitchen aids bring even more swing and fun into the kitchen – not just when you're in a hurry.

Home cooking offers lots of advantages

Over the last few years, the awareness of healthy nutrition and the appreciation of food has increased for many people. With this trend, the preparation of fresh, home-made meals has again taken on a whole new significance. In comparison to ready-made meals, home cooked food offers many advantages: All the ingredients are known, they can be chosen and combined according to taste and often, it actually saves money. With the right kitchen aids, tasty, varied meals can be prepared in a jiffy!

Practical kitchen aids make cooking even more fun

With the right equipment, cooking can be great fun: Practical kitchen aids make the preparation of soups, sauces, cooked meals, salads & co especially easy.

Several "basics" should be included in every hobby cook's set of kitchen aids: The drip drying of pasta & co. with a colander couldn't be easier. Cutting, grating and slicing are completed quickly and cleanly with the multiple grater, professional slicer and sturdy cutting board. And if an accident does happen, then kitchen towels are quickly at hand thanks to the paper roll dispenser. That's why the right kitchen aids make cooking really fun!

Whoever fries, roasts and cooks can't avoid fatty spatters around the stove. But they can be avoided! With the multi-functional SMART KITCHEN splash protection, food no longer boils over from the pan and tasty meals don't leave tiresome fatty spatters around the stove.

Cold meals, such as crispy salads, can also be quickly and easily prepared with the use of suitable kitchen aids. The highly elastic material of the practical cutting board prevents knives from becoming blunt. 

Even after use, the practical kitchen aids impress in every aspect: They are dishwasher safe, heat resistant and require little space for storage. And so, they are immediately ready for use – without much effort.

Fruit, vegetables & co.: Important for the little ones

Regularly assisting with the cooking helps children develop awareness for healthy eating. The more children are able to join in when shopping for ingredients and during the cooking process, the more naturally they learn important information about food and a balanced diet. Of course, the recipes from mommy or daddy, grandma or grandpa are the tastiest! And to make sure that kids don't get impatient when cooking, the meals should ideally be able to be prepared quickly. 

Save time with the vegetable cutters & co.

Great help in the kitchen is provided by the TURBOLINE herb and vegetable cutter. It chops fruit and vegetables at a single turn and to the desired size – also great for the preparation of pesto, dips, bruschetta toppings, smoothies or baby food. And the practical kitchen aid doesn't even need electricity. Thanks to the ergonomic pull-string, it is really easy to use. The clever and colourful kitchen aids thus help produce fresh meals every day and add fun to the kitchen!

Extra tip: Chopping onions without any tears

Those who don't own a vegetable or special onion cutter know the problem only too well: The tears start to flow as soon as the onion is peeled. This is due to a sulphurous substance which is released as soon as the onion is cut. But there are a few small tricks which help stop the tears:

  • Wear diving goggles – it might look funny, but it certainly helps!
  • Cut the onion next to an open window so that the irritating vapours vanish more quickly.
  • Spring onions or shallots are less irritating alternatives to onions.