myBAKERY Plus Collapsible Partybutler with etagere

Collapsible Partybutler with etagere

  • Size: 30cm (11.81 in.)
  • Ideal for cupcakes, muffins, cake pops, tarts and cakes
  • Additional etagere provides space for muffins on two levels: holds 24 muffins & 25 cake pops
  • Extra large: for cakes up to 15.5cm (6.10) in height
  • Saves 50% space thanks to the collapsible system
  • Crystal-clear look with mint contrast
  • Safely transports contents thanks to the Safe Loc closure
Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styreneStyrene-acrylonitrileThermoplastic elastomerPolypropylene5-year guarantee

EMSA myBAKERY Butler Plus 

Cupcakes, muffins, cake pops, tarts and cakes are securely transported in the collapsible myBakery butler thanks to the Safe Loc closure. The butler has a diameter of 30cm (11.81 in.), so extra-large cakes measuring up to 15.5cm (6.10 in.) in height are no problem at all. The practical inserts and the additional etagere allow up to 24 muffins and 25 cake pops to be transported. The integrated slice marks also make cutting even slices of cake a breeze. With its crystal-clear appearance and mint-coloured elements, this high-quality product also looks great and is bound to be a real eye-catcher at any party.

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The all-rounder myBAKERY Plus

Cake container, cake pop holder and cup cake transport box in one!
This makes baking lovers' hearts beat faster: Be it as a cake container for extra-large cakes or as a transport box for muffins, cup cakes or cake pops – myBAKERY Plus is a practical way to safely transport your baked works of art and to serve them in style.

Whether summer or winter – tasty, home-baked delicacies are always a wonderful treat. Besides the perfect taste, the decorative presentation of creatively baked goods on the laid table is becoming more and more important.   Several cake containers and transport boxes are available for cakes and other baked goods. However, they often have a functional appearance and are not very decorative. Plus they are usually only made for pies or cakes. So what to do with the new trendy baked goods like cake pops or cup cakes?
The colourful delicacies are true eye-catchers at any coffee party and they taste good, from young to old. So what do we have to take into consideration when serving and transporting cakes?

Practical and safe 
The myBAKERY Plus collapsible partybutler is a true all-rounder for all of your baked works of art. It is made of robust, transparent plastic and is easy to transport and clean. Its SAFE LOC closure ensures 100% transport safety. The carrying strap can hold up to 3.5 kg with ease. With its fold-away system with silicone ring in the centre of the cover, the cake container saves 50% space and makes storage even easier. Plus it has an extra-large diameter so that even XL cakes and be stored and also safely transported. The integrated cake tray with cutting thicknesses turns cutting slices into child's play.

A feast for the eyes

Besides its practical storage and transport properties, the myBAKERY collapsible partybulter also has an appealing appearance. Thanks to its crystal-clear look, it is also highly decorative. Plus the trend colour mint, which gives even more appeal to fruity-fresh cake creations. The transportable étagère turns the cake container into a cup cake transport box or decoratively stages the scene for up to 24 muffins. Plus it also accommodates the latest pastry trend, cake pops: Up to 25 cake pops can be simultaneously served and transported with muffins or cup cakes.

Our tip:
But the myBAKERY Plus is not only suitable for sweet delicacies. Small party snacks such as party skewers, pizza rolls or miniburgers are perfectly staged in this all-rounder.