Baking is child's play with clever measuring jugs

The right baking accessories help you conjure up kitchen magic quickly and easily: A high-quality measuring jug is an absolute must. The EMSA measuring jug combines lots of clever ideas and impresses with its high-quality material and useful scales for measuring ingredients.

Baking is made easy with measuring jug & co.

Baking is not only fun, with the right instructions, it's also child's play! There's not always a kitchen scales at hand when you want to bake sweet treats like the professionals. The right measuring jug is exactly what is needed to be able to measure out liquids, flour and the other necessary ingredients the easy way. But how can you recognize a good model?

The right material - the plastic measuring jug from EMSA

An important factor for successful magic in the kitchen is the right material – the plastic measuring jug from EMSA masters all the challenges it meets on the way to perfect baking results. A high-quality measuring jug should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Robust
  • Hygienic
  • Durable
  • Scratch-proof
  • Transparent
  • Good grip
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe

A common problem with measuring jugs made of metal is that they conduct heat very well. Hence, when measuring hot liquids, hobby bakers have to watch out that they don't burn their fingers. The plastic EMSA measuring jugs are transparent, are  heat resistant and, to top it all, are also suitable for use in the microwave.

The EMSA measuring jugs are ideal when children are helping with the baking as, compared to glass models, they are relatively light in weight – and so, even the smallest members of the family can join in the fun. And if a measuring jug should happen to fall to the floor, there are no dangerous fragments spread all over the kitchen! 

Additionally, the cleverly designed measuring jug models from EMSA are also reasonably priced and are available in various colours. It is particularly practical when themeasuring jug can also be used as a mixing jug. The EMSA SUPERLINE mixing and measuring jugs have a rubber ring in the base for a secure stand – even when mixing heavier doughs. 

Which scales should a measuring jug have?

So, you have found the right material, but which scales should a measuring jug have? You should not only be able to measure out ml with a measuring jug, you should also be able to precisely measure all normal baking ingredients. This is why the EMSA SUPERLINE measuring jugs have various scales for:

  • ccm / ml
  • Litres
  • Sugar
  • Flour

The highlight of this little kitchen aid: The scales are designed so that ingredients can be measured extremely precisely. In addition to the vertical scales, the EMSA SUPERLINE measuring jug also has a tilted scale with markings for even the smallest amounts. By tipping the measuring jug, the smallest amounts of 75 or even 50 ml can be easily measured. With a capacity of up to one litre, there is enough volume available for even the largest cakes to be made in a jiffy.

A further, clever detail makes the baking of complicated recipes extremely easy: If the progressive addition of a previously measured liquid ingredient is required, special markings show during pouring how much of the liquid has already left the jug. And so, there is really nothing that can go wrong when baking lots of sweet treats. 

The measuring jug is not only a great help when baking. The range of possible uses is huge and thus make it the perfect help when cooking, preparing deserts or mixing delicious drinks. 

Whenever measuring by eye is not accurate enough and precision is required for exact quantities, an EMSA measuring jug is a useful and clever accessory to help you have fun in the kitchen.