Sandwich boxes

Sandwich boxes – Boundless variety

Unlike the name may imply, the sandwich box is no longer just used to transport sandwiches. You can also use it for fruit, vegetables and other tasty snacks for your breakfast or lunch break. But one box alone is usually just not enough. What if, for instance, you want to sweeten up the breakfast break with a sandwich and an apple?
The school bag is full enough and you don't want to overfill it with countless boxes.

VARIABOLO sandwich boxes offer the ideal solution: Thanks to the flexible movable partitions, transporting several kinds of snacks is easy as pie: No more jam on your apple and the granola bar does not slip in between your sandwich.

And not only are there no boundaries in terms of content, the VARIABOLO sandwich box can be configured in line with your specific taste.
The child-friendly decors embedded in the plastic can withstand any dishwasher and thanks to the flexible half-bowls, they are super easy to clean. This enables several colourful combination options – perfect for colourful and varied breaks.

And to make school lunch breaks even more enjoyable, the VARIABOLO sandwich boxes are also available as a practical gift set with a matching KIDS flask. Your children therefore have sufficient liquids and drinking becomes even more fun.