Delicious treats on the go with clever lunchboxes

Whether you need to eat in the office, at school, daycare or simply on the go, lunchboxes are a practical solution with a wide variety of uses. Sandwiches, salads or cooked food – everything is sure to stay fresh and secure in the sandwich boxes and lunchboxes. 

Lunchboxes: for the perfect meal to go

Enjoying food on the go is right on trend at the moment. This means lunchboxes are not just a practical solution for children, but they are also the perfect match for adults on the go. Pre-cooking or preparing healthy meals for lunchtime or excursions saves more than just time; it also saves money. The product comes in variety of sizes and with different inserts, so food stays fresh for longer and can be taken out and about without it getting mixed up.

To this end, the BENTO BOX lunchbox comes in a modern design which allows you to take your food wherever you go, and with style. The practical microwave valve in the BENTO BOX also enables you to heat up the contents directly inside the box. When buying these products, wherever possible it is important to check that they are dishwasher safe and suitable for freezers.

Healthy recipes for the office

Everyday office life doesn’t always make it easy for us when we want to eat healthily or stick to a diet. Instead, we quickly find ourselves going to the bakery on the corner or resorting to fast food. But if you really want to stick to a healthy eating plan, it is a good idea to prepare healthy food the evening before you go to work. Colourful stir-fried vegetables with rice and chicken are the perfect choice here:

not only are they healthy, but they also keep you feeling full for longer and often have a lower calorie content than ready-meals. Just pop your meal in one of the stylish lunchboxes to make eating on the go even more fun! 

Cook once for five tasty meals

By taking a little bit of time to cook on Sunday evening, you won’t have to spend the rest of the week racking your brains to decide what to cook every day. Pre-cooked meals can be varied from one day to the next for a touch of variety. Take pasta, for example: you can liven it up by adding different sauces and fresh ingredients such as rocket, cocktail tomatoes or mozzarella. The practical inserts provided with the BENTO BOX allow you to transport sauces, vegetables and pasta in separate compartments. So now there are all sorts of varieties of ideas and recipes you can use to spice up your lunchbox.

The EMSA lunchboxes keep food fresh in the fridge or freezer. If you don’t have access to a microwave at work, you can always rustle up a tasty salad and take it straight to the office with you. The possibilities for creativity are endless: whether you opt for leafy salads with different kinds of vegetables, or perhaps pasta or potato salads, everything is sure to stay fresh in the EMSA lunchboxes. 

Sandwich boxes for children: packed with healthy, creative treats

Sandwich boxes with practical partitions are perfect for use when preparing healthy and varied meals for children. Indeed, it has become quite the trend to pack healthy and nutrient-rich lunches so that they make a fun treat for children. In the best-case scenario, sandwich boxes should be filled with wholegrain bread and some fruit, vegetables or yoghurt so that they contain all the important nutrients children need in order to concentrate better in school. Large sandwich boxes such as the VARIABOLO sandwich box offer you plenty of room to get creative with your lunch ideas. 

Try livening up your sandwich fillings with salad leaves or colourful strips of vegetables. Thin slices of apple, pepper, kohlrabi or carrots will make a particularly good choice for a healthy snack, as will anything else that’s quick to munch on, such as cocktail tomatoes or radishes. You can also carry fruit and vegetables in separate compartments in the VARIABOLO sandwich box, which comes complete with inserts. 

Stay fresh tip: pour a little lemon juice over apples in the morning to stop them from going brown – after all, food needs to a be a feast for the eyes when children are the ones eating it. 

For an extra touch of variety, you could also try adding some skewers with grapes and cheese or other vegetables. 

Where are lunchboxes and sandwich boxes available to buy?
Lunchboxes are available to buy almost anywhere – just visit your local department store or shop online.