Dry food storage containers

The perfect container for any kind of dry food …

Pretty smart: as well as being compatible with standard-sized kitchen fittings, the OPTIMA containers are also suitable for the standard food packaging sizes of all your favourite dry foodstuffs. That means as soon as you have done your shopping, you can transfer everything straight into the containers and save on space by storing them in your cupboards and drawers.


The perfect container for any kind of dry food …

Food storage containers for secure protection and optimum orderliness

Be it pasta, cereal or sugar – as soon as the packaging has been opened, freshness killers get to work. Without the proper food storage containers, dry food will quickly become moist and lose its taste and aroma.

OPTIMA food storage containers come equipped with a unique snap-in closure without any gaps whatsoever. This way, no germs or dishwasher residues can contaminate your food and your food stays fresh longer.

Christian Rach recommends OPTIMA food storage containers