LANDHAUS Bird house

Bird house

  • Size: 5.90 x 6.29 x 9.44 in. (15 x 16 x 24 cm)
  • Ideal for small song birds (Ø 1.18 in. / 30 mm)
  • Developed in collaboration with ornithologists
  • With double floor for ventilation
  • Can be separated into 2 parts for easy cleaning
  • Several mounting options - matching holders
PolypropyleneUV resistantFreezer safeMade in Germany

LANDHAUS bird house - for small songbirds 

The LANDHAUS bird house is the perfect home for small songbirds like blue tits or house sparrows. It was developed in collaboration with ornithologists and is suitable for hanging, standing or mounting. Due to the double bottom, the bird house is ventilated in an optimal way. In addition, the house is not only available in six beautiful colours but also UV resistant and frost-resistant for outdoor use all year round.

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Off, off into the nesting box: it’s time to build a nest

A bird house is more than just a shelter: man-made nesting aids come in handy in any situation where small songbirds have no way of building a nest in nature – in old trees, for instance. Whether you opt for a bird house made of wood or plastic, and whether you decide to make your own or lovingly pick one out from the shops – these tips and tricks will make your nesting box a hotspot for small birds and a lovely place for them to visit!

Reasons why a bird house is useful!
Bird houses and nesting boxes do more than just offer small songbirds a roof under which to build their nests. Providing shelter, space and food for wild birds – that’s the whole point of bird houses.

  • Bird houses as a shelter and a resting place
    Particularly in cold temperatures and wet weather, birds are reliant on warmth for their well-being. Bird houses offer protection against wind, rain and predators.
  • Bird houses as feed dispensers
    Birds need feeding on a regular basis when the first frost arrives – and no later than that. You should also always make sure you gear the contents of the bird feed towards the specific needs of your feathered guests.

Hanging your nesting boxes and bird houses: when, where and how?
So, according to NABU, the perfect time to hang up bird houses and nesting boxes is in the autumn months. This will give the birds the chance to find some protection in winter. But the question of the right location, on the other hand, is a bit trickier to answer:

  • Try to pick a spot which is neither too sunny nor too shaded and is located two to three metres above the ground.
  • The alignment of the bird house depends on the direction of the compass: the entrance hole should preferably face east or south-east.
  • Anyone wanting to hang their bird house at the top of a tree should be warned of the risks this involves. Bird houses kept here will make those little birdies an easy meal for predators. Houses walls, balconies or other places, such as the wall of a garden shed, would be more suitable.

Tip: if you’re one of those bird lovers who wants to hang up several bird houses, make sure you keep a distance of at least ten metres between the nesting boxes. Otherwise you risk turf wars and the birds could end up fighting over food.

So long, dirt: keeping your bird house clean is everything!
Who wants to mate in a place full of dirt? Well, small songbirds definitely don’t. So here’s the rule of thumb for cleaning: it’s time to grab a cleaning rag – or better still, a brush – when the breeding season comes to an end (i.e. in late summer) and before the next breeding season begins (i.e. after winter). Chemical cleaning agents can harm the birds, so it’s a good idea to sweep out the house using an old brush. It’s vital that you wear gardening gloves and don’t bring the nesting material into your home if you want to make sure you don’t bring fleas, mites and other creatures back into your house.

Who would have thought you’d need to know so much to offer birds a suitable home? Thankfully, the LANDHAUS bird house is here to help with its incredibly easy assembly, cleaning and handling!

Ingeniously designed through and through: the LANDHAUS bird house
The LANDHAUS bird house is the perfect home for small songbirds – and it has been meticulously developed in collaboration with ornithologists. As well as offering the perfect nesting conditions for blue tits, house sparrows and other birds, it also gives them optimum protection. Thanks to the small slits in the functional double floor and the air holes in the roof, the bird house has ample ventilation. Then there are the slabs inside the exit hole, which serve as small steps that make it easier for small birds to climb out. What’s more, the robust, weatherproof material protects against moisture and is easy to clean after the breeding season. Depending on your requirements, you can either hang up the bird house, place it in a standing position or screw it into place.

On top of all this, the LANDHAUS bird house is also fun for onlookers: designed in the popular Landhaus style, it’s sure to be a real eye catcher all year round – whether it’s suspended from a tree, attached to a wall of your house or fastened to your balcony railing!