Decoration is everything:
eye-catchers for flower pots & co.

Still in need of the right attachment for the bird house, suitable brackets for your window box or the name plate for your fresh herbs? Whether you’re looking for trays, flower sticks, deco-clips or labels, you’re sure to find the perfect accessories here!

Simple, clever and safe: brackets for balconies & co.

What kind of tips and tricks do we have to offer? Which brackets are guaranteed to fit? And why is bothersome assembly now a thing of the past? We reveal all!

Whether it’s in your garden at home or on your city balcony: growing plants in window boxes is completely on trend at the moment. Our garden world now offers all sorts of decorative yet useful accessories to help you transform your green space into a feel-good oasis in full bloom. With everything from fresh herbs to vegetables or ornamental plants, the possibilities for green fingers and green flavours are endless. But before you can create your own mini garden or herb patch, you have to start by mounting plant pots, flower boxes & co. and then planting them. One thing that often presents a challenge here is mounting window boxes. Many amateur gardeners prefer not to do any drilling or screwing here, let alone cause any damage to the façade of their house. Then again, there are other people who aren’t sure which brackets are suitable for their balcony, windowsill or railings.

Simply ingenious: window box brackets without the need for drilling

Flower boxes: they’re allowed
No matter what your landlord says, you can mount flower boxes on the outside of your balcony as long as the wall of the building is not defaced or damaged by doing so. It doesn’t matter whether the flowers are planted in pots or boxes – the important thing is that they must be attached properly. To make sure your window boxes are attached securely, we offer clever brackets that manage just fine without the need for drilling and screws.

Brackets for your balcony
When it comes to securing flowers and herbs on balcony railings, there are brackets you can attach without the need for drilling. The VARIO Universal from EMSA comes ready-assembled, so all you have to do is attach the individual parts. Available in white, aluminium, terracotta, dark brown, anthracite, dark green and dark blue, not only can you choose the matching brackets for your box, but they are also suitable for universal use and offer optimum hold for flower boxes from the CITY, LANDHAUS, COUNTRY, LAGO and BALCONE series. Each pair of VARIO brackets can withstand up to 50 kilograms in weight, so they can even hold really heavy loads and protect them from falling. The material used is weatherproof and provides guaranteed durability and robustness. 

The Clou:
window box brackets with no screws at all

Never has it been easier to attach window boxes to your balcony at home. The CLOU is the perfect choice for all those looking for an uncomplicated and secure bracket. Its belt fastener is simply laid around the railings and then tightened before mounting the box – and hey presto! In addition to this simple assembly, the CLOU from EMSA offers remarkable added value as it is universally adjustable, making it suitable for any kind of railing and boxes of all shapes and sizes. The glass-fibre reinforced plastic also makes it completely robust and durable, it won’t scratch or rust, and it is particularly gentle on sub-surfaces. 

Brackets: for walls and railings, too

Along with windowsills and balcony railings, the right brackets are also available for wall and railings.

Brackets for walls:
Wall brackets: the SPECIAL wall brackets from EMSA have been developed especially for attaching flower boxes to walls. They have a capacity of up to 25 kilograms and a span of up to 26 centimetres. They come ready-assembled, so all you have to do is place them on the wall and screw them into place. The brackets offer an optimum hold for boxes from the CITYLANDHAUSCOUNTRYLAGO and BALCONE ranges. 

Attaching window boxes to railings
Railing brackets: for an alternative to walls, try the SPECIAL railings brackets from EMSA. Their shape enables window boxes to be attached to round railings with a diameter of up to 4.5cm. The ready-assembled window boxes from the CITYLANDHAUSCOUNTRYLAGO and BALCONE ranges can also be used here.

As soon as the brackets are mounted, you can finally set to work. Flowers, herbs or vegetables: you can plant (almost) anything that has a root here.