We love salad

We Salad

Because it tastes good & it's easy to prepare

Crispy salad is simply delicious. And if you have the proper helpers.

Perfect! That's why EMSA has everything that makes salad fans' hearts beat faster.

We <span style='color:#90bd46'>❤</span> Salad

We Preparation

Because rasping, cutting, mincing and mixing are fun.

A salad full of vitamins should not just be made of green leaves: tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers as well as nuts or apples turn your salad into a special healthy treat.

And which dressing are you going to make today?

We <span style='color:#90bd46'>❤</span> Preparation

We Seasoning

Because fresh herbs and spices give food the final touch

Whether fresh basil, thyme or rosemary – herbs and spices perfectly finish off any salad. Simply delicious!

And even better if the spices you need are right at hand at the table or you can grow your herbs yourself.

We <span style='color:#90bd46'>❤</span> Seasoning
We <span style='color:#90bd46'>❤</span> Serving

We Serving

Because food nicely served tastes even better

As the saying goes, food must please the eye as well as the plate! A vitamin-packed salad tastes twice as good in a beautiful bowl.

Bon Appétit – and enjoy your salad!

We <span style='color:#90bd46'>❤</span> keeping food fresh

We keeping food fresh

Because salad needs to be crisp and cool.

In the right salad bowls, salad not only stays crisp when kept in the fridge, but it also stays fresh and cool on the laid table.