Cool & Chic

Delicious cool refreshment for every taste

Whether it’s on hot summer days or simply to quench your thirst between meals: a carafe is probably the nicest way to serve and enjoy drinks at the family dining table, at big parties or at work.


Three in one: chill, serve and enjoy

Not only do carafes look very elegant and convey an air of stylish flair – but they also remind us to drink enough fluid each day. Another benefit: carafes with a cooling function keep water, juices & co. reliably cold!

Cool secret!

The FLOW carafes come with an integrated cooling element in the stand that keeps drinks refreshingly cool without watering them down. Simply keep the cooling element in the freezer and use it in the base of the carafe as required.

Tip: have another cooling element ready in the freezer so you can replace it when you need to! 


Fresh forms: which carafe will it be?

Whether you prefer streamlined or curvaceous, colourful or simple and elegant in stainless steel, EMSA has a large selection of cooling carafes to choose from.


The glass liner and spout are also dishwasher safe.

4 Stunden kalt

Thanks to their innovative cooling station in stainless steel and the integrated cooling element, these carafes keep drinks refreshingly cool for four hours.


The intelligently designed spout facilitates easy, drip-free pouring. It opens and closes automatically, plus it can be separated into two parts to allow for remarkably hygienic cleaning. The closure also protects the contents of the carafe from insects, plus it stops ingredients such as slices of lemon or orange getting into the glass when the drink is poured.


So simple, so tasty

Speaking of fruit: infused water is a varied source of drinking motivation. We’re talking tap water or mineral water livened up with the addition of fruit, herbs and vegetables – and it’s also a feast for the eyes when served in the FLOW carafes.