The taste of autumn: 
we ❤ baking with seasonal produce!

The taste of autumn:

we ❤ baking with seasonal produce!

Only one thing can help counteract dreary autumn weather: a hot cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate served with a slice of cake – preferably one you’ve made at home! So how great it is that autumn has some wonderfully tasty fruit and vegetables to offer. With their intense flavour and that freshly-picked taste, they can turn any cake, muffin or tart into a work of autumnal art.


The A to Z of ingredients
for the autumn bakery

We’re very lucky that Mother Nature continues to provide us with all sorts of delicious sorts of fruit and vegetables in autumn. A glance at the seasonal calendar shows us which varieties are ready to harvest in autumn. Cakes made with autumnal fruits such as apples or quince are a great idea. How about a warm apple strudel with vanilla sauce or a moist quince tart? Those who prefer less fruit can go for autumn vegetables such as carrots or pumpkin. Baby carrot and pumpkin pies are particularly popular and they’re really quick to rustle up. Fans of chocolate and nuts also have good reason to smile during the autumn months, as delicious walnut brownies or chocolate cookies with hazelnuts have everything it takes to drive those autumn blues away.


Baking is fun –
but only with the right products!

Cakes, tarts and biscuits – baking is all about the right tools. So what are the essentials for any good bakery? A baking tin and a mixer, of course! And just as important are a large enough mixing bowl and a stable measuring jug, as these play a key role in making sure the mixture will turn out well. But a simple dough is not all that’s needed to make a good cake. Grab some fruit, vegetable and nuts, pop them in the TURBOLINE herb and vegetable cutter, and they’ll be chopped up and ready in an instant.


Make it taste twice as good
by serving it in style!

Freshly baked food is its most pleasurable when enjoyed in the right company! So gather your family and friends to enjoy the autumn with a spot of coffee-table gossip. Aromatic hot coffee really soothes the soul on those cold, wet autumn days. And the right autumnal decorations can also add an atmosphere of inviting warmth to the table: put a couple of candles here, a couple of chestnuts there, all on top of a tablecloth in warm, earthy shades –  your autumnal dessert spread is ready! 

We hope you have lots of fun enjoying your sweet autumnal creations!