The sandwich makes a comeback
From bread and butter to trendsetter:

From bread and butter to trendsetter:

the sandwich makes a comeback

Tasty and healthy – sandwiches are back in style! For a long time, they were seen as old-fashioned and a bit “square”, but increasing numbers of Germans are now rediscovering just how wholesome and varied a meal sandwiches can be. All you need is some hearty bread, fresh toppings and a few simple tricks to quickly rustle up your own next-generation sandwich at home – it’s sure to become your new old favourite meal!


Back to basics: no more bagels, wraps & co.!

Often, nothing beats a good old simple traditional meal. And that’s one of the reasons why the open sandwich is currently enjoying a revival! Many cities now have their own sandwich bars or bistros offering numerous varieties of lovingly prepared sandwiches. But with a few simple recipes and the right ingredients, you can also make your own delicious versions in your own kitchen: sandwiches for breakfast or dinner at home served in the classic style on a sandwich board, or “takeaway sandwiches” packaged in sandwich wrap or in a storage container to eat on the go. 

Did you know?
Different parts of Germany have different names for sandwiches: in the Ruhr region they call them “Kniffte”, in the north it’s “Stulle” and in the Lower Rhine they’re known as “Bütterken”! 


Sandwich 2.0: the perfect lunch

Wholemeal, spelt, rye or wheat bread: the key element of any sandwich creation is the bread, so keep yours fresh and moist in a bread bin. Then comes the butter or margarine, although avocado or cream cheese also work really well as an alternative. The topping is the crowning glory: from ham, salami and salmon to gouda, mozzarella and goat’s cheese, thinly chopped pumpkin, squash, radishes, sprouts, cranberries and much more – anything that tastes good goes! And when kept in the airtight CLIP & CLOSE food storage containers, your ingredients are also sure to stay fresh for longer!


On your marks, get set, make a sandwich!

Why not try a homemade sandwich with tomatoes, pesto and parmesan cheese? Chop just under a pound of tomatoes into quarters, removing the seeds and the core. Wash and dry some fresh basil leaves and finely grate a decent-sized piece of parmesan with a SMART KITCHEN rotary grater. Then purée all the ingredients together with a handful of nuts in the TURBOLINE herb and vegetable cutter. Drop by drop, add a little more olive oil and then season with salt and pepper. Toast some homemade ciabatta, spread some pesto on top, add some slices of tomato if desired and then sprinkle with parmesan – and hey presto!

The sandwich has reinvented itself – bon appétit!