Start of the semester? Let’s go!
Start of the semester? <br> Let`s go!

Start of the semester?
Let`s go!

Term time has started and it’s time to put those good intentions for the start of the semester into practice: we’re talking about starting studying sooner, giving those library books back on time and being better prepared for everyday university life with meals prepared in advance at home. EMSA has exactly the tips you need to help you achieve this last resolution! 


“The early bird catches the worm”: get the right start to the day

Lectures starting at 8 in the morning? That’s only going to work with the help of a hot, aromatic drink of coffee or tea – the perfect stimulants for the start of the day! If you’re short of time in the morning, just take your hot drinks with you and drink them on the way.

The TRAVEL MUG thermo mug is the perfect companion for hot drinks on the go – it keeps coffee and tea hot for 4 hours and is completely leak-proof. And as another practical bonus: you can ask for your next coffee or tea from the cafeteria to be poured straight into your TRAVEL MUG. This will help counteract paper cup wastage, so you’ll also be doing your bit to protect the environment.

A balanced breakfast is another thing that will give you energy for the day. One good recommendation is muesli with fresh fruit. It will keep you full for a long time, plus it’s also quick to prepare. If you want to save on time in the morning, try preparing a tasty sandwich the night before and adding some fruit and vegetables to your packed lunch. Make sure your takeaway breakfast is safely transported and freshly stored in the CLIP & CLOSE food storage containers


make it at home & take it with you

So your timetable’s full and you’ve no time left to go to the student union or the cafeteria? Well that’s no problem, because it’s also possible to prepare wholesome meals at home without much effort. This will save you valuable time between lectures, plus it will also be a real source of relief for your wallet. Why not try a colourful salad? You can be sure your home-made creations will be transported safely and in style in the BENTO BOX lunchbox with inserts. If you prefer a warm meal for lunch, you’ll love the MOBILITY vacuum food flask. It keeps soups, pasta & co. hot for 6 hours. And if the student union has a microwave you can use, you can heat up your lunch in the CLIP & MICRO microwave containers – it’ll be ready to eat in next to no time. 


Small nap, big impact:
goodbye afternoon slump!

Your performance can be impaired in late afternoon on those long days at uni. But a power nap during breaks between lectures and seminars can help: napping for 10 to 20 minutes has been proven to break down stress hormones and increase concentration levels. Experienced nappers swear by the positive effect of a cup of coffee straight before taking a siesta. The caffeine starts to take effect after around 20 to 30 minutes – exactly when it’s time to get up. So in conclusion, it’s well worth a try! Your coffee will also taste great for much longer if you keep it in an environmentally friendly TRAVEL MUG thermo mug. 

With that in mind: raise your coffee cups and let’s toast to a successful start to the semester!