O'zapft is! Great food for the Oktoberfest season

O'zapft is!

Great food for the Oktoberfest season

“O’zapft is!” – that’s what they’ll say when they tap the first keg on 17 September to mark the start of Oktoberfest and all the dancing, eating and drinking kicks off again. But what if you can’t make it to Munich this year? No problem! With these simple tips and tricks, you can prepare your own perfect Bavarian meal and recreate the feel of Oktoberfest at home.


Hearty and substantial – traditional delicacies for your Bavarian meal

Fresh dark bread and pretzels with soft butter are an essential component of any Bavarian meal. And wherever bread and butter is being served, the sausages and cheese can never be far away – they’ll be presented on a large wooden plate with other Bavarian specialities such as veal sausage and obatzda. And just so you know, this spicy cheese spread tastes best when it’s homemade! Good accompaniments for these hearty foods include peppery or sour vegetables such as radishes and pickled gherkins. And speaking of flavour: salt and pepper should always be close to hand on any Bavarian dinner table, either in a set or in grinders

Ingenious: the ACCENTA table bin is a practical solution for any unwanted leftovers, such as cheese rind or the skin of veal sausages. It makes undesirable food remnants disappear from view in an instant. Any leftover cold cuts can be stored in the CLIP & CLOSE cold cut boxes, which provide airtight conditions to keep cheese, sausages and co. tasting fresh and delicious for another few days.


With hunger comes thirst!

For adults, the usual accompaniment to veal sausages, pretzels and co. is a wheat beer or a shandy. Alcohol-free alternatives include apple spritzers, currant juice and water. To make sure these drinks stay pleasantly cool, serve them in a FLOW carafe. If you want to, you can always enjoy a freshly brewed coffee with or after your meal – it’ll stay hot for a remarkably long time in the CAMPO vacuum jug


A feast for the eyes – decorations, Oktoberfest style

First things first: the colour concept for this Bavarian meal is red and white, not blue and white (as is often assumed). Tables should therefore be decorated with tablecloths, napkins, etc. in a red and white diamond pattern. If you feel like it, you can set the table with rustic chopping boards and put the cutlery in big tankards. A CLASSIC tray will help you set your table in no time. Scatterings of salted pretzels are a nice addition to the table – not only do they look good, but they’re also great for nibbling on. 

All that’s left to do now is gather your friends and family to enjoy the Bavarian way of life. As the Bavarians say, “an Guadn”! (Bon appétit!)