Morning, noon and night: we ❤ coffee

Morning, noon and night:

we ❤ coffee

A cup in the morning, at work, after dinner or in a café – coffee is and remains Germany’s favourite drink. From filter coffee to takeaway coffee and even skin peels, International Coffee Day on 1 October is the perfect occasion to get to the bottom of all the latest trends in the world of coffee. 


Manual filter or press: filter coffee, the enduring favourite

Filter coffee continues to be one of the most regularly consumed varieties of coffee.* According to experts, a manual filter is still the best method to use if you want to get all the individual characteristics out of the coffee ground. Another option is to prepare the coffee in a filter jug, which allows you to prepare several cups of coffee at the same time. 

And another thing: if you want to make sure your coffee keeps its aroma long after roasting, store it in airtight packaging such as a CLIP & CLOSE food storage container. And to lock in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee for a remarkably long time, just keep it in a BELL vacuum jug.


No more disposable quick fixes!

Coffee has also been an extremely popular travel companion for a long time now: indeed, 70% of coffee drinkers in this country regularly use takeaway coffee cups.** Given the vast quantities of disposable cups being used, lots of initiatives and campaigns have been launched to encourage people to opt for reusable alternatives. Reusable mugs like the TRAVEL MUG, for instance, are an environmentally friendly alternative, plus they also keep coffee hot for longer. Certain cafés even offer discounts for customers who use their own reusable mugs for their coffee. 


Coffee-tonic kiss!

Espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino: we drink coffee in a myriad of ways. But who would have thought that even tonic water can be the perfect complement for coffee? With just a few ingredients and a few simple steps, you can rustle up a refreshing coffee tonic in next to no time. Just pour around 200 millilitres of tonic water into a cup of coffee or espresso, add a couple of drops of freshly pressed lemon juice and some ice cubes, then garnish it with a slice of lemon and some fresh rosemary – and hey presto! 


More than just great flavour: coffee can do more than people think

The average German drinks 165 litres (43.6 gallons) of coffee per year.*** What remains is a huge amount of coffee grounds, which are much too good to throw away. Ground coffee beans can be recycled to make a high-nutrient fertiliser for plants or they can even be used as a skin peel

Fancy trying a new take on coffee? No matter which option you choose, we hope you have lots of fun doing it!

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