It’s BBQ time!
It’s BBQ time!

It’s BBQ time!

Barbecued food tastes and smells great, plus it’s also incredibly easy to make! When summer comes around, it’s finally the time of year to enjoy crisp barbecued meat, aromatic cooked vegetables and fresh salads again – and all out in the open air. With very little effort and lots of great ideas, you’ll be ready for that barbecue with friends and family in next to no time.


Vibrant barbecue buffet:
with something from everyone!

Steaks and sausages are an integral part of any barbecue. But most of the time, a barbecue is only truly enjoyable if the side dishes are on point. From refreshing or hearty salads to bread and spicy dips, anything that tastes good goes. Ask each of your guests to bring something small to the buffet – that way you’ll have a greater variety of dishes to choose from and less work to do. Make sure your side dishes and sauces arrive at their destination safely in the CLIP & CLOSE food storage containers. These all-rounders are also the perfect solution for marinating meats.

And another thing: salads will stay crisp and crunchy in the SUPERLINE salad bowl with lid, and you can even still eat them the following day.


Colourful tableware:
perfect for an al fresco feast

Paper plates and cups are so yesterday! High-quality crockery made from plastic, glass or stainless steel is a modern and more environmentally friendly alternative. With everything from colourful bowls and salad servers to cooling carafes, the EMSA Summertime Collection has all the products in summery colours you need for a veritable al fresco feast.

Design tip: not only do paper lanterns and tea lights provide soft lighting and create a pleasant atmosphere in the evenings, but they’re also incredibly quick and easy to make yourself at home.


A colourful surprise:
sparkling, sweet and delicious!

Light refreshment is a must for those mild evenings by the barbecue – so a fruity punch is a wonderful surprise for guests. The base for all recipes is ripe seasonal fruit and a suitable white or red wine, which should be well chilled. After adding the fruit, pour over some sparkling wine. Finish with some fresh herbs from a FRESH HERBS herb pot for that final flourish. A SUPERLINE bowl in stylish summer colours is also perfect for serving.

Hungry now? Just get cracking on the BBQ!