Farewell, autumn blues! Stay fit & happy throughout the cold season

Farewell, autumn blues!

Stay fit & happy throughout the cold season

When it starts getting cold and dreary outside, it can help to just laugh in the face of the autumn weather. The best way to do this is with a hot, comforting drink in hand, the company of some lovely people and few nice little activities that will brighten up your day. And who’s always here to help? EMSA, of course!


Coffee and tea – with a twist

Hot drinks increase our sense of well-being, as they warm us up from the inside out. Coffee and tea are particularly popular here in Germany. The winter months are the perfect time to liven these drinks up with delicious festive flavours that delight us, heart and soul: fans of coffee might want to try a Lebkuchen macchiato or a cinnamon coffee. And for the tea lovers out there, a cup of festive goji tea is sure to warm the cockles.


Laughs, chat and fun!

Dark and dull winter days often wear us down. But we have the solution: invite a few good friends over so you can reconnect, chat and laugh to your heart’s content over an advent coffee. This reduces the build-up of stress hormones, so your body can release happy hormones instead. Don’t forget the coffee or tea – and keep your delicious hot beverages in a BELL vacuum jug to retain the heat and keep them tasting aromatically fresh for twelve hours.

The little ones will be delighted with some delicious cocoa or a cup of kids’ punch. And then there’s also fresh bakery – preferably home-made. How about a delicious almond and date cake with orange and caramel sauce? Not only does it sound heavenly, but it also tastes divine! And with the right helpers from the EMSA baking range, it won’t be hard to make, either.


Out in the fresh air

Even if it looks cold and uninviting outside, make sure you venture out into the fresh air and get the exercise you need! Not only will a long walk get your circulation moving, but it will also help to strengthen your immune system. A delicious takeaway coffee in a TRAVEL MUG thermo mug will give you all the warmth and support you need. And if you’re really thirsty, a SENATOR SLEEVE vacuum flask with integrated cup will be just what the doctor ordered. Double the benefit: if you make sure you also drink plenty of liquid during the winter months, you’ll be better protected against those nasty colds.

These tips are sure to help you beat the autumn blues. We hope you thoroughly enjoy yourself in this golden season!