Hello Weekend! Brunch time with Emsa
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Hello Weekend! Brunch time with Emsa

Finally, it’s the weekend! And what could be better than to get all your loved ones around one table to enjoy brunch together? These tips and handy helpers are sure to make the brunch a delight for guests and hosts alike!

Delicious variety

Fresh bread, bread rolls and croissants, cheese, sausages and sweet spreads such as jam are without a doubt the basis of any good brunch. Crunchy muesli served with fresh fruit salad is the perfect choice for all those who prefer to get off to the weekend with a relaxed, light breakfast. Keep yours nice and cold in a bowl with ice pack. Fans of savoury food will be delighted with an omelette made with fresh herbs, which are ready to pick all year round thanks to the Fresh Fresh Herbs herb pot. And if you’re looking for something for those with a sweet tooth, waffles are always a good idea. Cupcakes or muffins can be prepared a day in advance – serve them in style in the myBakery Plus collapsible partybutler and your guests won’t be able to keep their hands off them!

  • Accenta salad bowl with lid and ice pack, colour: stainless steel, volume: 5.0 l (1.32 gal.)
  • Fresh Herbs herb pot, colours: white, granite, green, pink
  • myBakery Plus collapsible partybutler, colour: mint, dimensions (ø): 33 cm (11.81 in.)

Enjoy drinks hot and cold

To round off the perfect brunch you’ll need the right drinks: infused water, orange juice or home-made lemonade are a few examples of delicious cold drinks. They’ll stay pleasantly cool for several hours in a cooling carafe, plus they won’t get watered down. 

But don’t forget about those tasty hot drinks: aromatic coffee or tea is simply an absolute must for the perfect brunch. It’ll stay nice and hot for a long time when kept in a vacuum jug. A bottle cooler is the perfect choice for all those who want to toast to the weekend with a glass of sparkling wine. With all these preparations in place, you’ll be happy to let this relaxed meal go on and on!

  • Flow Classic cooling carafe, material: glass/stainless steel, 1.0 l (33.82 fl. oz.)
  • Flow Slim bottle cooler with ice pack, material: stainless steel/plastic
  • Bell vacuum jug, colours: chrome, cream white metallic, chocolate metallic, black metallic, 1 l (33.82 fl.oz.) / 1.5 l (50.74 fl. oz.)





Fun for guests and the host

This gathering is only going to be a relaxed event for the host if the amount of effort required is kept in check. Being well prepared is everything – even the guests can do their bit by bringing something with them for the buffet. You can also make more efficient use of the journey from the kitchen to the dining table with the help of a large tray. And there’s no need to clear away those unwanted leftovers such as cheese rind, egg shells or tea bags if they just disappear nice and neatly in a table bin. With all this taken care of, the event will be just as fun and indulgent for guests and the host!

  • Classic tray, pattern: berries
  • Accenta table bin, material: stainless steel, size (ø x h): 11.5 x 16.6 cm (4.53 x 6.53 in.)

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