Good resolutions for the New Year
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Good resolutions for the New Year?

No problem with the right aids!

The beginning of a new year is always a popular time for resolutions and changes: less garbage, less waste of food, healthier nutrition –  there are quite a few! Three good New Year's resolutions are a sure-fire success with these helpers.

Put an end to disposable cups!

Takeaway coffee remains as popular as ever. But the pleasure of that quick coffee leaves a bitter aftertaste: every hour, 320,000 disposal cups are used in Germany.1 This is really not necessary and disposable cups are a real burden for the environment! A smart and environmentally friendly alternative is the reusable mug. The Travel Mug keeps drinks hot for 4 hours and cold for 8 hours, plus it can easily be stored in a bag or a backpack as it is 100% leak-proof. Plus the three-time test winner2 is also a stylish accessory for use on the move, so there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying your coffee in sustainable style in the new year.

  • Travel Mug thermo mug, colours: raspberry, lime, aquamarine, red, blue, blackberry, brown, black, white, stainless steel, 0.36 L (12.17 fl. oz.)
  • Travel Mug Grande thermo mug, colours: red, blue, brown, black, stainless steel, 0.5 L (16.91 fl. oz.)

We don't have to waste food

A sad truth: Much food is never even consumed, but lands in the waste bin just days after it has been bought. In fact, every German throws around 82 kilograms of food away every year. But with the help of the right storage solutions, this is something that can be avoided: In the 100% leak-proof and hygienic Clip & Close food storage containers food stays fresh particularly long – scientifically proven.3 At the same time, they also keep your fridge tidy and organised. This prevents unnecessary waste. This is good for your conscience and for your wallet!

  • Clip & Close food storage containers, set of 3, colours: raspberry, light green, blue, sizes: 0.55 L (18.6 fl. oz.) / 1.0 L (33.81 fl. oz.) / 2.3 L (77.77 fl. oz.)
  • Clip & Close food storage containers, set of 3, colours: raspberry, light green, blue, sizes: 3 x 0.55 L (3 x 18.60 fl.oz.)

Healthy nutrition made easy

A chocolate here, a Christmas cookie there – temptation is lurking everywhere during the holiday season. In the new year, it's high time to keep an eye on healthy nutrition. Healthy nutrition is easy with the right kitchen aids: Thanks to the space-saving collapsible salad spinner, herb and vegetable cutter and kitchen grater salad & co. are ready for consumption in no time. Bon appétit!

  • Turboline collapsible salad spinner, colour: transparent/green, 4.5 L (152.2 fl. oz.)
  • Turboline herb and vegetable cutter, colours: white/green, 0.9 L (30.43 fl. oz.)
  • Smart Kitchen multiple grater, colour: white/green



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