Beep! Food's ready!
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Beep! Food’s ready!

Clip & Micro and Clip & Close Glass

Prepare, heat and enjoy your meals the simple way

For quick, tasty food at home or on the go: not only do the Clip & Close containers from Emsa make preparing meals incredibly quick and simple, but they are also an appealing way to serve food and a hygienic way to store it. And now for the latest addition to the team, with the attractive new Clip & Micro microwave containers in red. Speaking of red, the ovenproof Clip & Close Glass products are also poised to hit the high marks soon with their new red freshness seal.

Defrost, heat or cook – Clip & Micro

With Clip & Micro, meals are ready to eat in next to no time: simply place in the microwave with the lid on and open the valve in the lid. This ensures that the contents will be heated splash-free and the steam will be able to escape. Practical: you can use the same kitchenware to prepare and eat your meal, so it will be ready to serve immediately without the need to transfer it to another dish. Clip & Micro is remarkably robust and easy to care for thanks to the high-quality material used. It also provides particularly hygienic conditions for storing dishes, as well as being odourless and tasteless.

Stylish in red – Clip & Close Glass with new seal

Clip & Close Glass is the perfect 3-in-1 solution for the kitchen: The leak-proof bowls made from ovenproof borosilicate glass are perfect for preparing, serving and transporting meals. Practical: the lid also fits the classic Clip & Close food storage containers.

One range – one quality promise

Both Clip & Micro or Clip & Close Glass have a unique freshness seal in the lid, which leaves no gaps whatsoever for germs or dishwasher residue to accumulate. They offer completely hygienic storage conditions and are proven to keep food fresh for longer*. Not to mention, these “Made in Germany” products are also 100% BPA-free, plus they are manufactured in line with the Babycare standard and are both dishwasher and freezer safe.

Product characteristics at a glance:

Clip & Close Micro

  • 100% hygienic: no gaps for bacteria or germs thanks to the tried and tested freshness seal
  • 100% safe: BPA-free, suitable for baby food
  • 100% convenient: simply open the valve and heat up the meal in the microwave
  • Freezer and dishwasher safe
  • Material: plastic
  • Colour: red
  • Sizes: 0.55 l (18.60 fl. oz.) / 0.8 l (27.06 fl. oz.) / 1 l (33.82 fl. oz.) / 1 l (33.82 fl. oz.) with inserts / 1.2 l (40.59 fl. oz.) / 1.2 l (40.59 fl. oz.) with inserts
  • Available now

Clip & Close Glass – now with red seal

  • 100% oven-proof: bowl made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass – up to 420°C
  • 100% hygienic: no gaps for bacteria or germs in the lid thanks to the tried and tested freshness seal
  • 100% safe: BPA-free, suitable for baby food
  • 100% leak-proof: no spills, no leaks
  • Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe
  • Material: glass/plastic
  • Colour: transparent/red
  • Individual sizes – rectangular: 0.5 l (16.91 fl. oz.) / 0.7 l (23.68 fl. oz.) / 1.3 l (43.97 fl. oz.) / 2.0 l (67.65 fl. oz.) / 3.0 l (101.47 fl. oz.)
  • Individual sizes – square: 0.2 l (6.76 fl. oz.) / 0.9 l (30.44 fl. oz.)
  • Available now
  • Sets: 0.2 l (6.76 fl. oz.) / 0.5 l (16.91 fl. oz.) / 1.3 l (43.97 fl. oz.); 0.5 l (16.91 fl. oz.) / 0.9 l (30.44 fl. oz.) / 2.0 l (67.65 fl. oz.); 3x 0.5 l (3 x 16.91 fl. oz.)
  • Available from December 2016


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