Weeks of fresh herbs with the Fresh Herbs herb pots
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Weeks of fresh herbs with the Fresh Herbs herb pots

Easy plant care with watering system

Fresh herbs all year round? With Emsa Fresh Herbs herb pots, growing aromatic herbs in the comfort of your home is child's play. Thanks to an intelligent watering system, basil, thyme & co. stay fresh for weeks. But not just herbs stay fresh for long periods of time – the Fresh Herbs Winter Edition is also perfect for poinsettias.

The Classic product: Fresh Herbs herb pot

Fresh herbs are always directly at hand with the Fresh Herbs herb pot.  Thanks to the clever Aqua Comfort watering system, the plant takes all the water it needs itself by means of the integrated watering wick. Plants drying out or overwatering is now finally a thing of the past. A small, decorative flower serves as a water-level indicator and specifies when it is time for watering. The water reservoir is quickly and easily filled from the outside via the spout in the herb pot.

For growing: Fresh Herbs Grow herb pot and bell jar

For those who want to grow their own herbs: This is now easy as pie with the Fresh Herbs Grow herb pot with bell jar: Simply fill the pot with potting soil and seeds, fill the reservoir with water, place on bell jar and watch your plants grow. Includes a seed pad for basil, soil and pot. The decorative flower in the lid, which can be opened or closed, ensures optimal ventilation. After the plants have grown enough, simply remove the bell jar and the pot can be used as a regular herb pot.

Turn 3 into 1: Fresh Herbs Trio herb pot

Those who enjoy cooking with a variety of fresh herbs will absolutely love the Fresh Herbs Trio mini-herb garden. Three herb pots are decoratively placed and plants have enough space to grow and flourish. The plants are also ideally watered by the watering system and­ a joint water reservoir.

Winter flair: Fresh Herbs Winter Edition

Friends of the poinsettia will love the Fresh Herbs Winter Edition: The cachepot is perfect for this popular seasonal plant. Handy bonus: A small decorative Christmas tree serves as a water level indicator. A second water level indicator is included, which features a flower motif, so that the pot can be used all year round.

The product features of the Fresh Herbs herb pot at a glance:

  • Fits conventional 12cm (4.72in.) pots
  • Intelligent watering system guarantees perfect plant care – keeps plants looking beautiful for weeks
  • Water-level indicator: flower shows the water level
  • Dishwasher safe
  • UV resistant
  • Material: Plastic (ABS)5-year guarantee

Fresh Herbs herb pot

  • Colours: white, pink, green and granite
  • Available now

Fresh Herbs Grow

  • Combined herb pot and mini-hot house
  • Incl. seed pad for basil, soil and pot
  • Warm growing temperatures under the bell jar ensure quick germination
  • Individual ventilation options via flower in the lid
  • Colours: white, pink, green and granite
  • Available now

Fresh Herbs Trio

  • Trio herb pot
  • Colours: white, pink, green and granite
  • Available now

Fresh Herbs Winter Edition

  • Winter version – ideal for poinsettias
  • Water level indicator: decorative Christmas tree shows the water level
  • For use all year round: alternative flower-shaped water level indicator included
  • Colours: white, granite Seasonal item

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