Tips & tricks for the Christmas bakery
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All you need for great advent biscuits:

Tips & tricks for the Christmas bakery

Stollen, lebkuchen, biscuits and cakes: with all these sweet treats on offer during the advent season, this time of year can really put us in the mood for baking. When it comes to making biscuits & co. extra tasty, it’s often the little things like choosing seasonal ingredients that make all the difference. Take a look at the following tips and tricks for successful baking this advent – they’re sure to turn even the occasional baker into a real professional!



1. Fresh, seasonal ingredients

The fresher the ingredients, the tastier the dessert will be. By using seasonal produce for your baking, you’ll gain freshness and flavour while also keeping costs down. How about an apple and cinnamon strudel instead of a raspberry tart? And another thing: by choosing ingredients that are in keeping with the winter months, you’re sure to bring all those familiar Christmas aromas into your home and make advent even more enjoyable.

2. Handy baking utensils

Cakes, tarts, crèmes and decorated biscuits – baking is all about the right tools. Any good bakery will always be equipped with a basting brush for carefully basting cake tins or spreading icing onto biscuits. Another useful tool is a dough scraper, which allows you to scrape all the dough and cream out of the mixing bowl. It also serves as the perfect kitchen aid for spreading cream and chocolate, as well as for creating a smooth finish. Piping bags and nozzles are essential when it comes to decorating cupcakes or exquisite tarts. In no time at all, they allow you to create little masterpieces that are sure to make a lasting impression.

3. The correct storage

It is important to make sure that cakes and biscuits are stored correctly if you want to enjoy them at their best for as long as possible. Home-made biscuits will stay fresh for a long time when kept in aluminium containers. If you want to make your biscuits and cakes last even longer, simply line the base of the container with greaseproof paper to ensure lasting freshness. Pound cakes or muffins keep particularly well in airtight containers such as the Clip & Close muffin box from Emsa.

Stollen is way ahead of the competition when it comes to shelf life: it will keep for several weeks when wrapped in a linen or cotton kitchen towel and stored in a cool, dry place.

4. Safe transport

Biscuits, cake pops or cupcakes made with love – particularly during the advent season, beautifully decorated baked treats can make a lovely gift or serve as a welcome accompaniment to a cup of Christmas coffee. The myBakery collapsible partybutler will make sure your little works of art still look appetising once they have been transported to their destination. It holds cupcakes, muffins and even cake pops, as well as tarts and cakes, keeping them secure during transport. What’s more, it also cuts a fine figure on the coffee table thanks to the decorative etagere included.

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