The first vacuum jug that thinks

Aroma Control - delicious coffee guaranteed

A vacuum jug that shows you whether the coffee is still enjoyable? The secret is Aroma Control. Because the unique aroma indicator can think. Thanks to the scale and viewing window in the lid, connoisseurs can check the flavour status at a glance. Emsa's Auberge range is the first line of vacuum jugs to feature Aroma Control. And it gets extra points for the X-Safe insulating liner which protects the coffee's aroma longer – for moments of real indulgence. 

Time for exceptional aroma

The fine Aroma Control sensory mechanism is absolutely accurate and responds instantly: an integrated aroma disc pushes the precision needle to the right as soon as freshly brewed coffee is poured into the jug. Once the brew starts to lose its flavour, the needle moves gradually to the left, ensuring that coffee-lovers only get the best aroma, whether it's at breakfast time or a Sunday afternoon coffee gathering. Auberge's hand-blown X-Safe liner keeps the coffee hot and aroma fresh for up to twelve hours. And no aroma is lost when the coffee is poured. A quarter turn of the Komfort screw lid suffices to serve a cup of the delicious brew without dripping. Truly professional touches: Auberge Aroma Control fits comfortably into the hand, all materials are absolutely non-hazardous and there is a 5-year guarantee on this quality brand product with the "made in Germany" label. 

Incidentally: there are different sizes for various occasions – a short coffee break or a full-scale brunch. Auberge Aroma Control is available in the 1 litre, 1.5 litre or 2 litre size in a choice of polished chrome or elegant white.

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