SpiceBox: Fine cuisine in file box format

SpiceBox: Fine cuisine in file box format

Tidiness and tastiness are a permanent hot topic in the kitchen. Now Emsa has the perfect answer to both: SpiceBox – the first ever spice filing system. Compact and neat, it tidies up the kitchen drawer and keeps salt, pepper, paprika and oregano etc. at the ready. That – together with the "made in Germany" label – is something customers will really appreciate.

Compact, convenient and space-saving

SpiceBox is a kitchen accessory with a high impulse buy potential. Eye-catchingly good-looking, practical and above all space-saving, SpiceBox is a welcome addition to every modern household and fits into even the smallest kitchen. Designed with a sliding lid for single-handed use, the dispensers are a boon for busy cooks preparing a meal at the stove. All spice girls and boys need to adjust the opening to the required setting (fine, medium or coarse) is their index finger. Safely back in the drawer, the spices are ideally shielded from light and retain their aroma longer. Six of the most popular German brand herbs and spices are included with Emsa's SpiceBox. 

It's all a matter of the customer's taste: Refilling the boxes, which come in three different colours, is as easy as pie and a set of blank labels is included in the pack. That makes both shopping and cooking all the more fun. 

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