Some good-morning cheer to get you going

Snazzy cutting boards - for a perfect start to your day!

How do you start a perfect day? With a smile, of course. That's why Emsa is serving an extra portion of morning cheer for morning grouches, early birds and long sleepers: with the Classic boards in ten new fresh decors.

"Catwalk", "Good Day/Bad Day" or "Super Day" – funny slogans and original designs bring some colourful change to the breakfast table. Or do you prefer a board for dinner? No problem. "Mettwoch", "A Man Sees Bread" or "Doorbell Board" are some of our trendy eyecatchers. All models are of course scratch-resistant and with anti-slip feet. And you can clean them in the dishwasher.

By the way, the trendy boards also make great gifts for trendsetters who love to decorate their table with creative accents.

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