Optima – not just a pretty face

Storage jars for reliable protection and neatness

Not just pretty to look at – Emsa‘s Optima kitchen storage system for dry ingredients is well designed and stylish, keeping foodstuffs of all descriptions hygienically safe without any risk of contamination. Not only that: these transparent containers are free from BPS and ideal for keeping the pantry or kitchen cupboard in perfect order. 

Uniquely hygienic and space-saving

The most important aspect of a storage jar is undoubtedly its lid. It has to fit tightly and be easy to open – like Optima’s innovative closure that can clearly be heard snapping into place, so the jars can be lifted and carried safely even when they are full. They also get top marks for hygiene: lid and sealing rim are all in one, so there are no crevices for germs or rinsing water to lurk. 

The new line scores plus points for order in the kitchen cupboard or drawer. The storage containers have been adapted to the standard measurements of kitchen furniture and can be lined up compactly or, thanks to the stacking edge, even be placed firmly on top of each other to avoid wasting space.

And to save time finding the right cooking ingredients, the transparent boxes come with a window in the lid for quick identification.

Optima is available in ten practical, carefully coordinated sizes, plus a delicatessen box and a 4-part starter set to complement the series. Needless to say, all the containers and lids are safe in the dishwasher.

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