Momento: indulging moments for coffee and tea

Two matching vacuum jugs for the laid table

Some like coffee, some like tea with their leisurely Sunday brunch. So the nicely laid table should include two perfectly matched vacuum jugs – like Momento Coffee and Tea. Thanks to their compatible shapes and infinitely combinable colours, they make a really handsome couple for moments of indulgence at home. 

Ideal for lovers of coffee and tea

A choice of two colour schemes – purist black and white or with coloured accents in blackberry, red and green on the lid and base – ensures Momento Coffee and Tea go with any china. And the typical coffee-pot and teapot designs will catch everybody’s eye in any breakfast, coffee or tea-time table setting. Plus point for connoisseurs: to make sure the contents retain their aroma and ideal temperature, both vacuum jugs are absolutely airtight and keep beverages hot or cold for 12 or 24 hours respectively.

The twin vacuum jugs also have a lot to offer as regards convenience. Momento Coffee comes with a practical Quick Tip lid for simple one-handed pouring. Momento Tea, the companion piece for pure tea enjoyment, has its own extra large, built-in, aroma-retaining strainer to allow loose tea-leaves to be brewed and unfold their full flavour in the vacuum jug itself. The 100 per cent airtight screw cap guarantees cosy tea-time gatherings at your leisure. There is a 5-year guarantee on both 1-litre vacuum jugs Momento Coffee and Momento Tea. 

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