Mobility: trendy ‘hot and cold’ travelling companions

The latest trend in mobility

What’s the most stylish way to take hot and cold drinks to work, sport or on your travels? And how can food prepared at home stay nice and hot till the lunch break? The answer to that is simple: with Mobility. The new range of vacuum flasks for food and beverages makes hot and cold refreshments mobile. The trendy stainless-steel design sets a shining example and, needless to say, these flasks are absolutely leak-proof – perfect for people on the move.

Sophisticated vacuum flasks – powerful extras inclusive
Coffee or tea stays hot for up to 12 hours in the new Mobility vacuum flasks – and water or fruit juice stays cool for up to 24 hours. What’s more, the new Safe Loc Pro closure provides all-round convenience: a touch of the button suffices to pour the contents into the mugs without dripping – no matter which way round you hold the flask. Once the pouring is done, the automatic closing mechanism ensures that nothing gets spilled. These robust vacuum flasks are available in four sizes from 0.35 to 1 litre, and come complete with a handy beaker.

Stylish vacuum food flasks for lunch ‘on the go’

Home cooking tastes best – risotto and soup etc. stay appetisingly tasty in the stylish Mobility vacuum food flasks. Their double-­walled insulation keeps the food hot for up to six hours or cold for 12 hours. And if lunch is unexpectedly delayed, the leak-proof food compartments can simply be taken out, unscrewed and the contents warmed up in the microwave. The inserts are also suitable for both the deep freeze and the dishwasher, of course. These trendy vacuum food flasks with their strong carrying handle are available in a choice of three sizes from 0.65 to 1.7 litres. 

Whether you need a vacuum flask for food or beverages – there is something for all tastes and every occasion in the new Mobility series. Trend-setters can choose between three colour combinations: stainless steel with green/light green, blackberry/pale mauve and black/anthracite.

As from March 2013, a range of vacuum flasks equipped with an integrated drinking nozzle will be added to the range. They are also absolutely robust, leak-proof and so handy for a quick sip of coffee, tea or water on the move.

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