Healthy nutrition from the very start
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Healthy nutrition from the very start

When a baby comes into the equation, new parents have plenty of questions. Proper nutrition is also very important, because parents only want the very best for their offspring. Emsa's freshness professionals will tell you all there is to know about providing healthy nutrition for newborns when it comes to preparing and storing baby porridge & co. 

Big freshness for small people

At about 6 months of age, babies starting eating their first porridge, and also become very curious about other types of food and also need additional nutrients and energy for their further development. One of the first questions parents ask themselves is whether to go for home-made porridge or ready-made."  Generally both are fine. However many parents want to decide for themselves what their children consume.  Plus, you don't really need a lot of ingredients when making baby food from scratch. Vegetables provide iron and are easily digestible, fruit and meat provide the necessary vitamins. Freshness is very important, because the fresher the food, the more nutrients and vitamins it contains.  Special care must be taken to make sure that they are not lost while cooking. Food should be cut into little pieces and only cooked as briefly as necessary. Ideally, vegetables should be steamed. Once you're done, do not season the porridge as the taste of spices is too much for such young children as their taste buds are not yet fully developed.

Store freshness – ensure hygiene

Precooking, freezing and storing – this helps parents buy more time on stressful days. After all, in addition to cooking, parents have so much more to do. Once mashed, the porridge should cool down as quickly as possible and be frozen –  preferably portion-wise. Emsa Clip & Close Glass food storage containers sized 0.2 l (6.76 fl. oz.) are perfect for preparing, portioning and serving on the go. Like all the other Clip & Close models, the containers are 100% leak-proof and 100% hygienic thanks to their unique freshness seal and there are no gaps whatsoever  in which germs or dishwasher residues can accumulate. This is particularly important for newborns as their immune systems are not yet fully developed.

Freezing, heating and baking without any worries

Frozen home-made porridge can be stored for up to 2 months at  -18° C. To avoid loss of vitamins, it is important to thaw porridge right before it is consumed –  and not several times. The Clip & Close bowls made of hardened diamond glass are suitable for heating food up in the microwave as well as bain marie. Instead of storing an entire meal, you can also freeze individual ingredients such as vegetables or meat. If the ingredients are properly washed beforehand, you have nothing to worry about.  And once the porridge period is over, you can use the ovenproof glass bowls as baking moulds for small cakes or casseroles.

Everything fresh? Tips for making baby porridge:

  • Buy fresh: The fresher the ingredients, the more nutrients and vitamins they contain.
  • Gentle preparation: To prevent loss of vitamins, the ingredients should be cut into small pieces and cooked only as long as necessary. 
  • Store hygienically: To prevent the accumulation of germs, porridge should be stored airtight, e.g. in the EMSA Clip & Close Glass Baby Containers with freshness seal.
  • Thawing without any worries: Do not thaw baby food numerous times.  In the glass containers, porridge can be thawed in the microwave as well as bain marie.

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