For optimum tidiness and precise dispensing: Optima dry food storage containers
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For optimum tidiness and precise dispensing:

Optima dry food storage containers

Hygienic and clever: Optima dry food storage containers with dosage lid

Whether sugar, flour, pasta, rice or muesli: All kitchens have an assortment of open packaging containing dry foods and are therefore often confronted with untidiness in the kitchen and poor hygiene. Open packaging not only causes food to spoil quicker, it is also impractical in terms of handling and storage. With the new Optima dry food storage containers, Emsa has found a solution to this problem: The innovative lid can be moved into different positions to allow for perfect portioning depending on whatever kind a food you are storing.

Like all the other models, the Optima series is 100% leak-proof, 100% safe, hygienic and BPA free to optimally protect what's inside. Plus the transparent body and lid clearly reveal its contents – giving you quick access to just the right ingredients when you cook. The dry food storage containers also provide further benefits when it comes to storing food in the refrigerator or in drawers. Designed to comply with standard kitchen sizes, they can be stowed away in a very space-efficient manner, either ­next to one another or stacked on top of one another thanks to their stacking rim as well as their non-slip properties.

Product characteristics:

  • Dry food storage container for added tidiness and clarity with the infinitely variable dosage lid.
  • With recessed handles for effortless handling
  • 100% hygienic: the single-piece lid leaves no room for gaps for germs to accumulated
  • 100% harmless: BPA-free and free of hazardous substances
  • 100 % safe: innovative snap-in closure protects against moisture and pests
  • Space saving: complies with standard kitchen sizes
  • Volume: 1.0 L 1.6 L 2.2 L 2.8 L (33.81, 54.10, 74.39, 94.68 fl. oz.)
  • Available starting December 2015

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