Colourful and healthy: lunch to go
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Colourful and healthy: lunch to go

Our awareness of healthy eating is better than ever before, and instead of buying meals for lunchtime or excursions, we are now opting to make our own again. Many of us find that we no longer crave fast food from the baker’s or the snack bar. And with a few fresh ingredients, a little bit of time and a touch of creativity, varied meals can be ready in a jiffy – healthy, tasty dishes which, in the right packaging, make great meals on the go.

Packed lunches, made by you

The same boring lunch, day in, day out?  That’s a thing of the past. Nowadays, it’s all about doing it yourself! You can vary what you eat with packed lunches, they taste better, they’re healthier, and to top it off, they’re also a cheaper alternative to shop-bought snacks. Colourful lunchboxes and vacuum containers are perfect for ensuring trouble-free transport, so you can be sure that everything will be stored securely and there won’t be any leaks on your way to the office – what’s more, they’re also completely on trend. Take Emsa’s Bento Box, for example: its practical microwave valve makes heating food easy. And if you don’t have access to a microwave, the Rocket or Mobility vacuum food containers provide the perfect place to store your pre-cooked food – they will keep it hot for up to six hours or cold for up to twelve hours.

Simple, tasty and cleverly packed: snacks for on the go

From tasty wraps to succulent sandwiches or the classic open sandwich – there are no limits to the different kinds of lunch you can take with you to enjoy on excursions and trips. They make the perfect snack without the need for cutlery, particularly for those longer journeys by car or train. If you don’t want to do without varied meals when you’re on the go, but you want to keep the different parts fresh and separate, then the Clip & Close food storage container with inserts is the perfect solution for you. It allows you to store and transport small, individual portions according to your own personal preferences. The right drink to complement your lunch is an absolute must. The Senator or Mobility vacuum flasks from Emsa will make sure that refreshing fruit juice or the coffee and tea you’ve packed for the afternoon are kept at the optimum temperature. And delicious thirst quenchers are sure to taste twice as good from the Kids and Teens flasks.

Varied and balanced: creations especially for children

Maintaining a balanced diet is particularly important for children. The best lunch boxes will be packed with wholemeal bread, fruit and vegetables. These foods provide all the important nutrients children need to ensure healthy growth and the ability to concentrate at school. The Variabolo clip boxes from Emsa match the flasks and feature a princess or pirate design, so they’re guaranteed to make eating fun. They conveniently appear in a different look each year when it’s back to school time, and the double packs really help to get little ones motivated. To make sure your healthy meals taste great, why not shake it up and alternate between different kinds of bread, fruit and vegetables? Simple slices of bread can be shaped into cars, hearts or stars using cookie cutters, and salad leaves or colourful strips of vegetables can help brighten up the filling. Anything that’s quick and healthy to munch on, such as bite-sized slices of apple, pepper, kohlrabi or carrots, will make a great extra and can be stored separately in the Variabolo box thanks to the handy divider. 

These simple tricks are designed to help you live a healthy, balanced lifestyle – not just at home, but also when you’re out on the go.

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