Summer and Winter – Style for terrace and garden
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Summer and Winter – Style for terrace and garden

Spring, summer, fall or winter – planters play a key role when it comes to the individual design of your garden. They are highly versatile as decorative elements for your terrace, veranda and garden. Yet besides their pleasing appearance, they also have a highly functional purpose.

Individual privacy function for your home in the outdoors

For those who like their privacy when in the outdoors, planters can serve as uncomplicated privacy shields or be used as a stylish frame for seating areas in the garden or on the terrace.  Tall and densely growing plants are especially suited for this purpose, e.g. ornamental grass such as miscanthus or giant cane. Most grasses however reach their ultimate height in the summer. A suitable alternative is bamboo, which offers high dense growth all year round.

Planters turn your plants into unique eye-catchers that reflect your own personal taste. Esteras planters by Emsa are inspired by nature in terms of their look and feel. The diverse shapes and authentic surfaces provide garden fans with unlimited space to express their individuality – each piece is a one-of-a-kind hand-made artefact.

Mobile solutions for highest flexibility

Exotic plants such as citruses or oleander are great design elements, however they are not very keen on cold winter temperatures. This is why they have to be put in a weather-protected area before frost sets in. When selecting planters, it is therefore wise to take the weight of the planter itself into account and choose low-weight items, as they are much easier to move about.

Planters made of UV-resistant fibre-glass mineral material are an excellent alternative for those who do not want to do without surfaces with a natural appearance: The planters by Esteras for instance are up to 70% lighter than comparable planters made of natural materials. This is also beneficial for winter plants: Given proper care, the planters are particularly frost-resistant – Esteras evens gives a ten-year guarantee on that.

Bubbling relaxation for indoor and outdoor use

A fountain is also a good way of turning your garden into your very own oasis. Here there are several solutions with various functionalities. Whereas dug and drilled wells are primarily used to water plants, other fountains have purely decorative purposes and create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in your garden. The complete fountain sets by Esteras are an excellent idea for those looking for a simple solution. They are easy to transport, do not need a separate water connection and can be put to use in no time – an elegant eye-catcher for indoors and out. Plus the warm-white LED lights provide the perfect atmosphere in the evening.

From classic to natural and modern – the individual shapes and authentic surface finishes of Esteras planters and fountains are optimum design elements for garden fans.

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