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The new Landhaus Bird Feeder – for winter and summer use

Wouldn't it be nice to watch birds feed even on the smallest of balconies? No problem whatsoever with the new Landhaus Bird Feeder by Emsa. In vibrant colours and trendy picket fence look, this item is a wonderful eye-catcher on terrace or balcony all year round. 

During the winter months, the new bird feeder serves as the ideal snack station for the great Tit, Pied Flycatcher or many other species of small songbirds: Fill the feeder with birdseeds and fruit or hang a fat ball on the separate hook. During the hot months of summer, it serves as a colourful birdbath or refreshing drinking trough. And it is also absolutely hygienic: In comparison to conventional bird feeders made of wood, it is very easy to clean thoroughly. Simply take it apart into two parts. 100% weatherproof and "made in Germany", the bird feeder is the ideal extension to the Landhaus bird house.

Clever fastening options

The bird feeder can be hung in a tree or on the wall of your house. If you want to fasten the bird feeder to the balcony railing or a downpipe, the new universal holder with its robust, weatherproof Velcro fastener is simply ideal. And with the new rod holder, simply stick it into the ground.

All details about the products:

Landhaus bird feeder

  • Place it on a table or hang it up
  • Robust, weatherproof, easy to clean
  • In 6 favourite colours: yellow, green, turquoise, pink, white/pink and white/green
  • Size: 7.87 x 5.51 x 5.51 in

Holders for bird feeders and bird houses

  • Rod holder made of wood with plastic adapter, 55.12 cm high
  • Universal holder to attach to balcony (square or round) and to the downpipes with a diameter of up to 4.72 in

The Landhaus bird feeder and holders as well as all other containers and accessories of the Landhaus product range are available in specialist retailers, garden centres and in DIY stores.

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