Nesting Place for Little Birdies: the Landhaus Bird House
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Nesting Place for Little Birdies:

Landhaus Bird House

Functional and decorative: the perfect place to make a nest

Springtime is hatching time! The popular Landhaus bird house from Emsa provides optimum protection and the very best nesting conditions for small songbirds such as blue tits and house birds. The small slits in the functional double floor and the air holes in the roof area sufficient ventilation for the bird house. Then there are the slabs inside the exit hole, which serve as small steps that make it easier for small birds to climb out. What’s more, the robust, weatherproof material protects against moisture and is easy to clean after the breeding season.

Developed in collaboration with ornithologists, the bird house features the popular Landhaus style – so whether it’s suspended from a tree, attached to a wall of your house or fastened to your balcony railing, it’s sure to be a real eye catcher!
The ‘Made in Germany’ favourite perfectly complements the Emsa Landhaus World of Birds collection with its clean lines and fresh colours, enhancing the vibrant Landhaus window boxes and planters to create a harmonious garden environment that small song birds can quickly make their home.

And another thing – the bird house also has an important job in winter: many birds who spend the cold months in our gardens seek the protection of artificial nests during the cold autumn and winter nights as there just aren’t enough places where they can naturally nest. Nesting aids can even save the lives of some birds during the cold winter months.

Product characteristics:

  • Attractive bird house in the Landhaus design, ideal for small song birds (Ø 30mm/1.18 in.)
  • Developed in collaboration with ornithologists
  • With double floor for ventilation
  • Can be separated into 2 parts for easy cleaning
  • Remarkably varied mounting options: suspended or mounted on the wall; also compatible with the Landhaus railing mountings and rod holders
  • Colours: yellow, green, turquoise, white/green, white/granite
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): 15 x 16 x 24 cm (5.90 x 6.29 x 9.44 in.)
  • Available now from specialist retailers, garden centres and DIY stores

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