Get your garden ready for the spring
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Get your garden ready for the spring

Tips and tricks for your balcony and garden

When the world outside your window is finally coming out of hibernation, it’s also time for a thorough outdoor spring clean. In order to enjoy the first rays of sun to the full, now’s the time to make sure that balconies, terraces and gardens get the care they need. These tips show you how to create a feel-good oasis out of your outdoor space in just a few simple steps.

Spring cleaning for gardens, etc.

Before you can move new plants in, you must first remove all the remaining traces of winter. This means sweeping up leaves and any rough debris, and grabbing a hand brush to let you get to grips with your soil. If moss has grown in the nooks and crannies of your garden, you can buy a special moss remover from a DIY store to get rid of it. Another thing you mustn’t forget about in your spring clean is your garden furniture. Make it shine like new with the appropriate cleaning agents and care for wooden or plastic furniture.

Where to plant your window boxes and planters

Before you plant your flowers, herbs or vegetables, think carefully about where they should go. Some plants are real sun worshippers, whereas other prefer a bit of shade. Window boxes and planters brighten up balconies and terraces – choose the Emsa LANDHAUS series for a playful touch or the Emsa CITY range for a modern design. To make sure your home-grown plants get enough nutrients from the potting compost, it’s important to replace the soil after the gruelling winter months, especially when it comes to planters and window boxes. When filling the containers, take care to ensure that they have an adequate drainage layer. Not only will this prevent the nutrient-rich soil from being washed away; it will also stop water from getting logged in the pot or the box. Ready-made drainage systems such as Easy Drain from Emsa really come in handy here.

Happy gardening

With the right care, you can make balconies, terraces, etc. shine like new for a long time. Regular weeding, fertilisation and daily watering are also important at the height of summer. Using the right accessories can enhance your mood when you’re gardening. With colourful gardening gloves, shovels or watering cans, the gardening will almost seem to take care of itself!

Welcome guests

If you not only want to enjoy the green oasis with friends but also feel like providing shelter for the little birds outside your window, you might want to think about hanging up bird houses and nesting boxes for them before the breeding season begins. The LANDHAUS bird houses from Emsa make a cosy home for song birds such as blue tits or house sparrows. And thanks to the variety of mounting options available, the nesting houses are suitable for both the garden and the balcony – a vibrant accessory with a feel-good guarantee!


All tips at a glance:

  • Thorough sweeping and scrubbing: before anything else, get rid of any traces of winter. Don’t forget the garden furniture!
  • Make a plan: shade, partial shade or sunlight – different plants have different needs.
  • Replace the soil: you should change the soil in your planters and window boxes every year to make sure all your plants get the nutrients they need.        
  • Weeding, fertilising and watering: make sure all your hard work wasn’t for nothing by feeding and tending to your plants on a regular basis.
  • Feel-good colours: colourful planters and accessories brighten the mood. They make the gardening seem to take care of itself!

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